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Celebrating School Choice

Educational Resources to Suit Every Student

When it comes to education, area residents enjoy a wide variety of top-quality schools and resources for enhanced learning. Now is the time to submit School Choice applications, which allow students who live outside a school’s neighborhood boundaries to apply to enroll in a particular school on a space-available basis. The abundance of area public, private, hybrid and supplemental educational resources allow parents to choose the best fit to maximize their child’s learning style and needs.

This overview of schools and educational resources provides a guide to the many offerings available in our region.

 Public Schools

Conejo Valley Unified School District

Every day, “The Conejo Way” is seen in action through the Conejo Valley Unified School District’s commitment to exceptional educational experiences for all students.

Thanks to the voter-approved Measure I bond, the district continues to bring innovation into its classrooms and upgrades to its campuses, including state-of-the-art technology and flexible learning labs, which are designed to fuel student collaboration and creativity.

In addition to offering beautiful, safe campuses, the district’s award-winning schools provide students with access to phenomenal music and arts education, diverse extracurricular and school club activities, and overall world-class learning experiences.

From the outstanding neighborhood schools to the signature and unique academic program offerings—such as an entrepreneurship academy, International Baccalaureate School, Shine Homeschool and magnet elementary options—the district’s TK-12 schools truly offer a right fit for every student.

The district believes innovation in learning is key and is committed to all students reaching their full potential in a supportive and academically rigorous environment. This includes Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, dual enrollment with Moorpark College at all three CVUSD comprehensive high schools, School-to-Career opportunities, and additional support programs for students with alternative learning styles.

To learn more about the exceptional academic offerings available in CVUSD, visit The priority deadline for School Choice Applications and Interdistrict Permit Forms for the 2020-2021 academic year is January 31, 2020.

For more information, visit or call 805.497.9511.

Oak Park Unified School District

Oak Park schools provide inclusive learning environments where children are loved and honored for who they are. Staff members are well-trained in the most effective teaching techniques through partnerships with researchers at top universities, such as Teachers College at Columbia University and Stanford University’s Challenge Success.

“We place a priority on ensuring that our schools foster creativity, play and inquiry-based learning—and students become environmental stewards through action-oriented projects at our National Green Ribbon campuses,” says Dr. Tony Knight, Superintendent.

For instance, Oak Park schools are free from chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides, “and the food we serve is cooked from scratch on site each day,” Knight says.

“All of these practices allow our staff to provide a Climate of Care that meets the educational, social, emotional and physical needs of all students,” Knight adds. “We believe that the care we take for each student allows our schools to be among the highest achieving in California.”

For more information, visit or call 818.735-3200.


Private Schools

Ascension Lutheran School

Ascension Lutheran School is dedicated to nurturing each student and providing academic excellence, as well as creating bold, compassionate leaders who inspire and serve others in their community and the world. Above all, the educational and co-curricular programs strive to foster spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development.

Ascension Lutheran School offers a strong academic program, utilizing the highest academic standards to enrich the quality of learning and to ensure that every student is well-prepared for their future.

At Ascension, students are engaged in the things they love to do. In addition to the strong teaching and learning in all core academic areas, students at Ascension also experience Spanish, Outdoor Classroom, music, art and physical education, as well as Makerspace, which involves coding, robotics and computer science. Students also engage in community-focused experiences, such as Ascension’s House System, in which every student and staff member takes part in creating a strong community of learners.

Ultimately, Ascension Lutheran School provides an education for students that allows them the opportunity to follow their passions in all areas of their development: academically, spiritually, artistically and athletically. Students leave Ascension after 8th grade grounded in their faith and with a positive sense of self that carries them through high school and beyond.

For more information, visit or call 805.496.2419. 


Catalyst Learning Hub

Focused on the driving question—"How will YOU affect the world?"—the goal of Catalyst Learning Hub is to help children develop into self-directed learners and autonomous problem solvers. With the aim to facilitate each child’s quest to create meaning in a complex and evolving world, Catalyst champions innovation in education to create learning experiences that are engaging, continuous and future-focused. The assumptions of industrial-age-models of schooling are no longer sufficient for children to thrive in the 21st century. Because information is ubiquitous and in constant flux, we have to move beyond teachers as mere transmitters of content. At Catalyst, educators become curators of experiences—guides and coaches who help students explore, observe and reflect. Students pursue collaboration, communication, imagination, critical thinking, action taking, adaptability and empathy, helping to prepare them for a world in constant flux.

Catalyst merges the best classroom practices with educational theory and developments in learning science. Metacognition—or “thinking about thinking”—helps students use their knowledge, skills and abilities to embrace their curiosity in service of deep learning. They are given choice with the aim of becoming effective authors, designers and creators who develop meaning in the world around them.

For more information, visit or call 424.253.0059.


La Reina High School and Middle School

La Reina understands that today’s young women are nuanced, complex, multifaceted and driven—and that they seek to change the world while still finding themselves. 

La Reina’s unique learning environment allows students to develop their individual talents. With an average class size of only 25 students, faculty focuses on the individual needs and capabilities of each student.

Teachers design their lessons using Universal Design for Learning to create a student-centered, authentic learning experience. This approach provides a personalized, enriched learning environment where effective instructional strategies combine with the use of technology to accelerate learning.

The results speak for themselves: La Reina students boast SAT scores 21% higher than their female peers both in California and nationally and have an AP pass rate of 91%, compared to the California pass rate of 59%.

La Reina offers exciting opportunities for leadership, learning and teamwork. With more than 25 clubs and organizations, each student is able to pursue her interests with a group of like-minded friends. 

La Reina has something for everyone, including award-winning academic teams—Mock Trial, Speech and Debate, Academic Decathlon and VEX Robotics—a dynamic performing arts program and 16 varsity athletic teams and six middle school sports teams.

For more information, visit or call 805.495.6494.


McKinna Learning Center

McKinna Learning Center Day School Program is an independent, progressive elementary, middle and high school, with enrollment from second through 12th grade, designed to meet the unique needs of students with learning differences. 

The center’s mission is to empower students to realize their individual potential, foster their innate desire to learn and act with social responsibility. To that end, the center’s philosophy is that children learn best when they’re actively involved; use all their senses to discuss, debate, explore, investigate, create and gather their own information; and study subjects in-depth rather than in broad overviews, bringing in information and concepts from related areas.

Small multi-age classes are led by expert teachers—with an 8:1 ratio—and the 2 through 12th grade curriculum includes mathematics, reading, writing, humanities, science, Spanish, music, art and physical education.

Within this school setting, teachers seek to develop analytical and critical thinkers who grasp new ideas and knowledge from the world around them. Recognizing that students learn in different ways, graduates leave the day school program as creative problem-solvers prepared to thrive in today’s complex, 21st-century world.   

For more information, visit or call 310.589.8144.


Oaks Christian School

Oaks Christian School is a non-denominational, co-ed, college-preparatory school serving Grades 5 through 12—where an impressive 99% of graduates receive college admission, often to highly selective, top-tier schools. 

Collectively, the Class of 2019 earned over $6 million in college scholarships and aid, performing over 15,000 hours of community service in nine countries and California and partnering with organizations, such as The American Cancer Society, James Storehouse Foundation and the Children’s Hunger Fund.

The Institute of Global Leadership, Institute of Engineering and the Institute of Arts and Innovation launched this fall feature specialized pathways that provide classes in their respective areas. A new residential dorm also opened this fall for both international and domestic students.

The high school hosts 22 sports and 48 school teams, which have earned 165 league titles, 49 CIF titles and seven California state titles. The middle school has also won several league titles and boasts student participation rates as high as 92%.

The visual and performing arts departments stage numerous performances and exhibits, many which garner prestigious awards.

Additionally, the OC Learning Center provides tutoring and test-preparation for OCS students and to local public schools and the fully accredited OC Online School offers a high-quality program for blended or long-distance learning.

For more information, visit or call 818.575.9900.


Oak Park Montessori

Opened in January of 2019, Oak Park Montessori offers a full day program from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Dedicated to educating young children using “The Real Montessori method” as opposed to an inspired version, Oak Park Montessori teaches independence by introducing children to life skills, such as preparing food, flower arranging and washing linens, to name a few, before studying geography, writing, reading and mathematics. Oak Park Montessori strives to create loving environments where children feel comfortable opening up and are inspired to form a love of learning that comes from within and lasts a lifetime. 

Their enrichment programs include French, German and Spanish, along with soccer, dance, yoga and gymnastics. Students also engage in many art activities, including sewing and working with clay, paints and patterns. Their goal is to provide each child with a well-balanced and enjoyable day full of learning, movement, art and cooking. 

The Montessori method also supports community mindedness—looking out for one another and helping each other succeed. Maria Montessori believed that this was essential for creating peaceful adults.

For more information, visit or call 818.532.7006.


St. Jude the Apostle School

St. Jude the Apostle School is a Catholic K-8 school nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, where students enjoy a close-knit community that nurtures them academically, spiritually and socially.

Small, stimulating classes bring the best of technology to a strong curriculum that prepares students for a changing world. Families of all backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to attend St. Jude, which places Christian values of compassion and community service at the center of students' lives while also emphasizing academic rigor with quarterly standardized testing.

The student experience is rounded out with optional athletic participation, including a swim team and cheer squad for K-8; flag football, volleyball, soccer and basketball for Grades 5 through 8; as well as enrichment programs, such as LEGO robotics, Drama and Academic Decathlon.

Pairing older and younger students in the student-mentoring program offers more than educational benefits, it builds friendships across age and grade levels and inspires students to become leaders and role models.

Onsite daycare is reasonably priced and includes study hall. The welcoming campus includes a library, a dedicated science lab, reusable bottle water-filling stations, and a securely fenced environment. Tuition is competitive and financial aid is available.

For more information, visit or call 818.889.9483.


Supplemental Offerings

Stowell Learning Center

No matter which school parents choose for their children, bright students who underachieve are the most ignored pupils in schools today. Often, these students appear to be just lazy. Others are doing “well,” but are working far too hard for the grades they’re getting. Some children may struggle with learning disabilities, Dyslexia and attention challenges.

These conditions affect 30% of the population and are caused by missing or inefficient learning skills. These skills include auditory processing, visual processing, memory, attention and executive function. Once these skills are in place, learning becomes much easier.  

The tragic truth is that most schools and tutoring resources do not work on developing these skills. For more than 35 years, Stowell Learning Centers have helped bright but struggling students build those underlying skills that make learning easy. Permanent changes can be made. Their goal is that each student becomes a confident, comfortable, independent learner. 

Students deserve the chance to be competitive with the very best of their peers.  Stowell Learning Center equips them with the tools to do that. 

Stowell Learning Center in Thousand Oaks is located at 275 E. Hillcrest Drive, Suite 145. For more information, visit or call 805.601.6633.


Tribú Language School

“At Tribú—meaning ‘tribe’—we believe in creating global citizens,” says Angie Peña, founder and director of Tribú Language School, which offers a language-rich curriculum that focuses on a natural and immersive approach to learning. 

“We are a warm learning center where we strive to create an environment of fun for all ages, from infants to adults,” says Peña, who noted their oldest student is 86. “Our passion is language and culture and we aim to instill cultural and language appreciation in the community.”

Peña has more than 20 years of experience in education and holds her California Bilingual Credential as well as her Master’s degree in CrossCultural Education. She started Tribú out of her house over nine years ago, giving Spanish lessons to friends and family after seeing the lack of quality language classes in the area.

“The earlier you expose your child to a second or third language has so many cognitive and social benefits,” say Peña. “I believe that the earlier you introduce a second language, the more likely that your child will be fluent as an adult—although it’s never too late to learn.”

Tribú currently offers group and private classes, from Mommy and Me, Preschool and After School Enrichment to High School Tutoring and Adult and Corporate classes. Free trials are available for all classes.

For more information, visit or call 805.630.0000.



Tutorvero, an “authentic online tutoring experience,” was established to serve the needs of students in any discipline. With the convenience to learn and work with a tutor on each individual’s own schedule, online tutoring has become a solution to academic support for busy students. Developed with research-based ideals and student goals in mind, Tutovero was created by certified teachers and is operated by educators.

“Education is the foundation for life,” says Luke Jackson, Ph.D. “There is no substitute for in-person teaching, but what we do at is educate people in the 21st century.”

Having the freedom to learn with any tutor from around the world when the student chooses is amazing, Jackson emphasizes.

“Many people don't understand the virtual classroom, and I invite people to come and test it,” says Jackson. “After teaching for over a decade with students, I understand the concern for online learning. I believe they can go hand-in-hand, and work together as an addition to student growth. Which is why I started Tutorvero and can help any student achieve success—I’m proud to be a part of it.”

For more information, visit or call 866.285.5989.

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