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Celebrating the Champions in Your Life

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. Everyone thinks of champions as someone who has won a big race or fight or has accomplished something huge. What about the people that gather around you to help make your daily life more special? These are the heroes I want to celebrate and am so thankful for in my life.

Have you ever thought of all the people that make up your world? Take a moment to celebrate them. They entered your world for a reason and/or a season. It might be for a lifetime or just a short time to drop a message off.

Life has so many surprises. I want to celebrate my mom, dad and grandparents, because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here and have all the golden memories I have shared and learned from them and all the love they shared with me. I also celebrate my husband for the day he walked into my life. He is my best friend. He fills my world in so many ways. My best friend, support and just the fun adventures we have that we have encountered every step of the way because we are Together. We have our incredible children, our most celebrated jewels. They are so smart and incredibly supportive of our family and now our beautiful grandchildren. Watching our family grow is truly the best thing a family can celebrate.

Are you celebrating your family, friends and even your neighbors becoming like family? We’ve been so fortunate. Life truly can be incredible when you recognize the people that support you and lift you to be your best.

I give thanks for the tribe I’ve created in my community and in my work and my surroundings, because the people that are in your life are a reflection of how much you are shining out in the world. Keep sharing your love and your light so it can continue to shine back on you.

When you let your light shine, other people will notice and want what you have. If you're seeing this, know I appreciate you in my life!! 

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