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Adam Jacobson

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David Wagner is the owner of Sipstirs Fine Wines-Artisanal Spirits-Craft Brews located on Post Road in Darien. He has over 15 years experience in the industry both as an importer and supplier as well as a wholesaler and distributor, and most recently he has taken on the role of retailer.

DL: How have you built confidence and/or resiliency over the course of your career?

I have seen my industry from many angles. I worked for 15+ years on the other side, the sales side of the business, as a supplier and distributor representative.  I would hit the pavement going into shops, restaurants, bars etc. to peddle to the same guys who I am now.  Those experiences have assisted in the way I think and navigate my environment which has catapulted my confidence in this space.  There have been many mistakes and I feed off of that.  I have never been scared to take a risk, that's life, but managing goals with a game plan helps.  

DL: What's the best part of your job?

I have found, being a person that enjoys hearing others' experiences in life, has guided my senses in running Sipstirs - Fine Wines Artisanal Spirits Craft Brews.  We share great wine from around the world acting as a filter for the overwhelming amount of wine produced.  One of our greatest joys is being in the position to curate wines that are presented to us and to then hear feedback from customers who enjoy our selections for the same reasons we decided to share them on our shelves. A motto from day one has been to treat people the way we want to be treated, like family.  Many customers have become friends, which goes beyond knowing someone’s garage code for a delivery, in sharing holidays and special moments to injuries and such. Feels more like a social hub where there is trust not only in selecting a bottle for a great experience or moment, but also trust that comes with friendship.

DL: What does success mean to you?

Since starting a shop  in the libation industry, success is a risk assumed and calculated.  Success is elusive.  You set goals, achieve them or fail, and there is another goal  and another after that.  Success, to me, is defined by continuing to progress where it's working, or taking another shot in a new direction if something fails. Some may say success is opening a second location in Wilton – doubling down on what we’ve achieved in Darien.  Unequivocally, my biggest success is my family. I have an 8 month old son and dedicating time to manage a busy schedule is my biggest challenge to succeed. 

Adam Jacobson is the Executive VP at Pet Pantry Warehouse. He has spent the past 27 plus years participating in the creation of his award winning, family-owned regional pet supply chain with store locations servicing Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT.

DL: How have you built confidence over the course of your career?

As a business grows so too does greater responsibility. Failure is never an option when you are responsible for more than just yourself. There have been many times throughout my career that I have been forced to face serious challenges. Every time I have faced adversity, I have worked together with my team to address the problems. It is within these struggles where my greatest inspiration for positive change comes. True resilience takes courage. One cannot be afraid to change and pivot the business when necessary.

DL: What's the best part of your job?

The best part of my job has been working so closely with a great group of family, friends & colleagues to create a meaningful presence within the communities we serve. Over the years we have continued to focus our business on how we can use our store locations as a force for good. Creating a deep sense of purpose for our stores in true service to our communities is by far the best part of my job.

DL: What does success mean to you?

Success means so much to so many and yet how to measure it isn’t so simple. For us, sometimes we measure our success in drool.  We strive to make our client’s pets lives better through good animal nutrition and a more holistic approach to wellness. As stewards of this family-owned community-based business, we are grateful to our clients for believing in us and relying on us to help them foster long healthy lives for their furry family members. Every day a dog leaves our store with their tail wagging, and we see a smile on their pet parents face, we can measure our success in a meaningful way. 

  • Adam Jacobson