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2023-2024 FFA

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FFA Program Is Part Of The History Of Celina

Article by Roger Ireland

Photography by Holly Farrow

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Founded in 1930, the Celina Future Farmers of America [FFA] is an education program  developing our next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs through agricultural education. Much more than just Ag classes, the FFA helps kids realize their potential and learn practical real-world skills, propelling them towards careers as farmers, chemists, veterinarians, teachers, and many other professions not traditionally aligned with agriculture.

Here in Celina, our history and traditions are inexorably linked to agriculture and its related industries. These roots run deep and programs at Celina High School, like the FFA, offer kids a way to connect with the days of old and keep some semblance of those values alive and well into the future. So much of what makes a small town “feel” like an extended family goes back to the nature of farming and ranching itself. It’s not a 9-to-5 endeavor requiring a single set of skills. No one person can make it work on their own. Community and collaboration are key ingredients to individual and collective success and are a part of every aspect of towns like Celina.

Participants put their skills on display through competitions and shows throughout the year, such as the Collin County Junior Livestock Show. Students spend months welding, creating mechanical projects or preparing animals to show. They are applying real world management and budgeting skills which culminate in an auction where the students “sell” their wares. While the students keep both the project/animal and the money raised, it amounts to a fraction of their overall costs. 

The Bobcat FFA Alumni helps raise money to close the gaps and enable more kids to participate in this rewarding program. Founded by parents and friends of the program, countless hours are spent coordinating fundraising to support chapter activities, scholarships, and purchasing projects at county shows. If you would like to help these students and preserve this aspect of Celina’s history, please reach out to Bobcat FFA Supporters on Facebook.

  • 2023-2024 FFA