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Women Networking, Connecting, and Serving

Article by Niki Carbajal

Photography by Kait Tramonte

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Celina Ladies of Influence, CLOI, is a monthly networking group created by women to empower and propel women into business success through education, mentoring, and service. Organized and sponsored by the Celina Chamber of Commerce, CLOI meets the first Wednesday of every month and includes breakfast, introductions and networking among members, and a speaker or educational topic. According to CLOI’s chairwoman, Holly Pennington, “CLOI exists to encourage woman to come together and support businesses and the community."

Celina Ladies of Influence has hosted Pure Form Training Celina and C-Town Yoga for health and wellness tips, visited Terramania on the Square, learned about the Cinco de Mayo celebration with Dago Rodriguez, had a Healthy Chat with Mada Leigh, and much more. However, CLOI is not just food and fun with other businesswomen. It is also about serving the local community throughout the year. Several service-oriented events include:

Blankets for Blue Santa Members cut and hand-tied 30 cozy blankets for Celina Police Department’s Blue Santa gift-giving program

Dessert Dash for Celina Education Foundation Banquet Dessert items are provided by members for the banquet’s auction. More than $2,000 was raised in 2022.

Bullseye Bucks with Lovepacs PCG February’s meeting included members hurling axes toward targets at Thrown Axe Co. Every bullseye earned Lovepacs a tenner. Lovepacs founder, Darlene Morton, walked away with more than $350 to use toward students with food insecurities.

Back to School Bash with Cornerstone Volunteers sorted and hung clothing for Cornerstone’s school clothing event that served hundreds of students.

Bra Art for Breast Cancer with Texas Health Resources Ladies were creative with unique bra designs to draw attention to breast cancer awareness and education. A sunflower-themed bra name “Stand tall and face the sun” was awarded first prize.

CLOI is open to members of the Celina Chamber of Commerce. 

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Celina Ladies of Influence is an excellent venue for growing your business network and meeting new friends. For many, it's the connections and friends made that keep members returning month after month. The relationships that have a genuine interest in your professional and personal success are extremely significant.

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