Monument Of The Past Lighting Our Future And Serving As A Beacon For Small Business

As a leading emerging city in the United States, Celina fosters one of the most unique blends of history and progress. In this historic Texas hometown, we preserve our past and honor the traditions that have shaped us. Residents and visitors can immerse themselves in the endearing charm of yesterday as they stroll through Celina’s beloved historic downtown square and neighborhoods, stop by our heritage museum, or traverse across our remaining brick streets. Along with that rich heritage, we bear a bold and strategic vision for tomorrow. Through our high standards for developing family-friendly neighborhoods, the success of our locally supported businesses, and Celina ISD’s award-winning schools, this truly is the most attractive and charming place in Texas to live, work, and raise a family. Those who visit or plant here will join those who have lived here for generations in quickly understanding why our motto in Celina is “Life Connected".

Few iconic places or things are venerated in Celina more than our historic water tower.  Standing at a tall watch overlooking our downtown square, the water tower has been a beacon welcoming folks home for generations.  The foresight of city leaders in March of 2017 perpetually preserved this icon from being torn down as it aged beyond repair. Their bold investment structurally repaired and undergirded the water tower so it could stand and be illuminated for generations more. Though no longer a part of the water infrastructure in Celina, it will forever rise as a monument to the past and to light the ways of time for decades to come.

The Celina EDC, recognizing the community’s shared love for this iconic treasure, recently set out to adapt its image into all branding for our work with local businesses and in our recruiting efforts around the country.  Over a year ago, the EDC formed a group of longtime residents and some new to the area to strategically identify ways to use the water tower image as a beacon for small business, just as it served to welcome families across time.  Along with the image, a slogan would be adopted that could tell our story in just a few words.  From the discussions came our new water tower logo and the motto, “Hometown Spirit. Business Friendly.”

Rolling out the new marketing campaign would take time, but the EDC board knew immediately that a scaled replica of the water tower would be a fitting tribute to the icon and a memorable visual at trade shows, EDC gatherings, and in special moments around town. In January, the 450-pound replica arrived, and it has already been the envy of other communities who boast a heritage like ours. The tribute tower looks and lights up exactly like our tower downtown. Locals will soon see this regularly displayed and illuminated at the EDC office on the historic downtown square.

Make no mistake, this effort is underway not to idolize a tower but to reflect to the world the beautiful heart and soul of our community. We want to inform those wishing to thrive here that Celina is a place where businesses help businesses and where people help people.  Relationships make or break businesses in this city. From discussions with commercial brokers, to dreaming with developers, to sitting down with architects, engineers, designers, and builders, our EDC instills our heritage and our values while working to incentivize toward the future.  

Some may be surprised by the way we economically develop and incentivize in Celina, but most have grown to appreciate it. They value that fact that the city will not acquiesce to the strongest developer’s arm on a deal. We simply cannot. Celina has tripled in population growth over the past decade, and there is no sign to an end of that multiplying effect.  Knowing that, our response and our responsibility is crystal clear: we are going to work hard to guard and maintain the DNA of our community—one that prioritizes people—and from that, we know that the economics of the growth will follow. Simply stated, that’s Hometown Spirit. Business Friendly.

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"Standing at a tall watch overlooking our downtown square, the water tower has been a beacon welcoming folks home for generations."

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