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Burgers, Anyone?


Article by Abbe Odenwalder

Photography by Abbe Odenwalder

Memorial Day in our home means it’s the official start of grilling season. I, for one, am more than ready! Whether you use gas or charcoal; clean off the grates, search for the grill brush, wipe off the grease and winter dirt, and start shaping those burgers.

Beef isn’t the only way to eat burgers. From shrimp to pork and chicken, the skies the limit when it comes to grilling! Check out a few of our hits at This Is How I Cook:

When it comes to a classic Denver style burger you can’t miss this Jalapeno Cream Cheeseburger; a riff on the JCB from My Brother’s Bar. Any leftover jalapeno cream cheese is perfect on a bagel or just for dipping, but my guess is it won’t make it past the top of your burger!

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A French Onion Chicken Burger made with a secret but common ingredient, is a great way to celebrate for those who don’t eat beef. This one, slathered with lots of onions and French onion cream cheese is a great change from beef!

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Shrimp? Shrimp is great to make into a burger! This Vietnamese seasoned Shrimp Burger  with grilled pineapple is incredible. Take my word on it. This is one you will make again and again!

Last, but certainly not least, is our newest creation. Check out our Spanish style Garlic Pork Burger. Loaded with capers and served with Spanish aioli, this one is so worth it!

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Have fun this weekend and make sure to eat well. Take a look @ This is How I Cook. With over 550 recipes on site you can bet we have lots of sides like coleslaw, potato salads and please, please, please don’t forget the brownies! But hey! Our Texas sheet cake is pretty darn good, too!