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Apco-X Home Purification


Article by Jason Fraser

Photography by Laurie Fraser

How APCO-X Home Purification Creates Cleaner, Fresh Air


When people speak of poor air quality, they think of everything we’re exposed to outdoors — smoke, smog, and other air pollutants. But did you know the air in your Lantana, TX, home may be two to five times more polluted than what you’re breathing outdoors? At A&A Air, we specialize in home purification products like APCO-X, designed to keep your home’s air clean and healthy and your HVAC system running smoothly for years to come.


Let’s look at what might lurk in your home’s air and how APCO-X and other home purification systems can help.


What Is APCO-X Home Purification?


It’s difficult to imagine that your home’s air could be that polluted, especially as many homeowners shift to their spring cleaning to-do lists. But just because you keep your home clean as a whistle doesn’t mean there aren’t harmful pollutants in the air. Home purification systems trap and remove these contaminants and harmful particles from your home’s air. And not just in one room. They are designed to inactivate and destroy harmful particles throughout your entire home — thus providing clean air.


Beyond dust, dirt, and pet dander, just a few biological contaminants you might not think are still circulating in your home’s air include allergens, vapors, spores, mold, bacteria, viruses, pet odor, and VOCs.


APCO-X home purification is an example of a whole-home air purifier that goes beyond conventional air fresheners, single-room air purifiers, air filters, and other filtration systems in that it can neutralize odors, allergens, germs, VOCs, and more found in the air throughout your home and within your heating and air conditioning equipment surfaces. According to its website, APCO-X home purification combines non-ozone-producing UVC light and proprietary, activated carbon technology to safely and effectively neutralize more than 99% of air pollutants and disinfect the air throughout the whole home.


Your friendly neighborhood HVAC expert simply installs APCO-X home purification into your home’s HVAC system. Once installed, it continuously treats the air as it circulates. And the best part is that it is virtually maintenance-free.


Just a few benefits of having APCO-X home purification include the following:


•  Self-cleaning

•  No ozone or harmful byproducts

•  Scientifically validated by the CDC, ASHRAE, GSA, and more

•  Lifetime warranty


Homeowners Have Options When It Comes Cleaner, Fresher Air!


This article focuses on APCO-X home purification and its many benefits. But there is a myriad of other whole-home air purifiers that can help with your home purification needs. Additional options include the REME HALO®, iWave, and HEPA filters.


We know it can be frustrating when your heater or AC is on the fritz or the air quality inside your home isn’t where you want it to be. It’s even more alarming when you know that HVAC companies in Lantana and surrounding communities are a dime a dozen but are often too busy to schedule your service call quickly. At A&A Air, we take your family’s comfort seriously. We know our job inside and out and respond promptly. All you need to do is give us a call today!


We proudly serve Lantana, TX, and surrounding areas. You can email us at or call 972-951-1320.Create an article.