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3 Easy Plants to Grow This Fall


Article by Andrea Janise

Photography by Andrea Janise + Stock Images

One thing I love about patio gardening is always having fresh herbs and vegetables to add to my dishes when making meals at home. Throughout the year, I try to grow different varieties of edible plants that do well within each season. Not only does it enhance the green space in my small condo, but it also certainly saves me a few dollars on my grocery store deliveries as well. Try out your green thumb with these three plants that are easy to grow in your patio garden this fall.


Throughout the summer, I grew cilantro and basil. With the cooler temps on the way, it is the perfect time to plant rosemary because it can withstand and grow in colder weather. This herb can thrive in a small pot, so with proper care you could be using fresh, homegrown rosemary in your dishes throughout the fall and winter season.


Growing kale in a small container garden is definitely doable. Kale lasts throughout fall and into early winter because its hearty leaves do well in cooler temperatures. Plant your crop in a container that will allow for 1-2 inches in-between seedlings and you will set yourself up for a generous harvest that you can add to your homemade salads and smoothies. 

Green Onions

This is one of the easiest plants to grow at home. If you have any leftover green onions that you purchased in the store, it is amazingly easy to re-propagate throughout the fall season. Start by cutting off the green stem of the onion and place the white part with the roots stem-side down in your pot. Cover with ½ inch of soil and place in a well-lit area of your patio. Add water when the soil gets dry, and your onions should begin re-growing in about one week.

Happy gardening!

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