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Denise Fuchs Of Dreambuilders By Design Helps Build Pathways To Success

Article by Don Seaman

Photography by Phillip Barone

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

Denise Fuchs was unsatisfied with where she was in life. She’d been a nurse for decades and always had the drive to help people. Helping people overcome difficult situations would foreshadow her next path in life.

She traded in helping to heal bodies for making people whole from a completely different perspective. She’s now a certified transformational coach and Life Mastery Consultant at Dream Builders by Design.

What set you on your path to what you’re doing now?

My whole life was unrecognizable. My old life was filled with close-knit family, always together, Sunday dinners, holidays, we were always celebrating something. Then suddenly I was living alone, feeling lost and fearful. The old blueprint was no longer available, and I didn’t know how to create a new one. I was going around in circles. Relationships and socializing were the hardest to cope with. The Italian dynamic of “family is everything,” programmed in me for decades, was gone. Now I’m happy and thriving, in a place I never would be without going through this program personally myself.

What made being a transformational coach resonate with you?

We have 6 hidden mental faculties: will, reason, perception, imagination, memory, and intuition.

We were all taught to manage our physical world, but not how to use these hidden tools.  When they are used successfully, they're game changers.

We think in frequencies, similar to a radio. You need to change your negative thought pattern to a higher frequency and vibration of love and gratitude. As gratitude and abundance are on the same frequency, just as fear, worry, shame, and guilt are on the lower vibration. You need to change your station.

My program helps my clients get back in touch with their inner voice and change old thought patterns and beliefs, to ones of truth that are confidence-empowering and life-restoring. 

A coach provides a structure of support and guides you through the pull to the familiar. The football coach’s job is to see the greater potential of his player and help him achieve that. These coaching programs help you become a higher version of yourself. 

Instead of saying "I’m fat and I’ll always be fat,” shift to “I’m healthy, vibrant, and at my goal weight."  The subconscious does not understand negative. It is literally like a 5-year-old. So, if I say "I don’t want to eat chocolate,” repeatedly, it only hears “chocolate” and will want chocolate. Your subconscious is a terrible boss, but it is a wonderful servant. It is our responsibility to take control and tell the subconscious what we desire, and it will go to work for you. 

How do you get past that fear?

Your inner voice – which sounds like your own voice – reinforces fear. It unconsciously says ‘can’t.”

It begins at an early age. Until age seven, our subconscious is wide open with no reasoning factor. So if anybody told you you're fat, or stupid, or clumsy, it’s imprinting. It scars you. Subconscious beliefs are responsible for 90-95% of our behaviors. Through coaching, you can learn to keep overriding your subconscious. It’s work. And it’s rigorous in the beginning. If you're consistent, the pattern creates new neuro-pathways. It’s not saying it once in a mirror. It’s 1,000 times a day. The conscious mind learns with impact (who remembers what happened on September 10th, 2001?) – the unconscious learns with repetition.

At what point does the need for change override our unconscious impulses?

We all have longing and discontent, which are our growth signals. If we don’t listen, we first get a wink, then a gentle nudge, then get hit by a 2x4. However, to change, we don’t have to wait for the 2x4. Our addiction to comfort causes us to do the same things year after year and create the same unchanged life. Growth and change require you to be uncomfortable as you are doing things you have never done before.

“Some people live 90 years, and some live 1 year 90 times!"

Your subconscious is a terrible boss, but it is a wonderful servant.

To get in touch with Denise and see how coaching might be right for you, or to simply attend one of her workshops, give her a call at 201-961-3666. She's hosting a free workshop, "3 Ways to Overcome Your Fears and Achieve Your Dreams" at the Wayne Public Library on 11/21 at 6:30.

She also gives free strategy sessions if people are interested in clarifying their goals and dreams and what steps they can take to move towards them.

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