Charcuterie, New Plate or Platter

Whether you are building a board for a large gathering or a small dinner.

How to Build a Charcuterie Board.

Step 1- Choose a board. Custom or template ready. Round or Square. Wood or Ceramic.

Step 2- Add accessories. Cheese knives and spreaders. Dipping spoons and honey dippers. Small bowls and toothpicks.

Step 3- Buy a book or search for ideas.

Step 4- Choose a theme. Tailgating or taco night. Halloween candy or Breakfast. Cheese and fruit.

Step 5- Arrange ingredients. Jams, dips and honey. Bread and crackers. Nuts and olives. Vegetables and fruits. Candy and more.

Step 6- Share and enjoy your work of art.

Stop by The Home Place to see many Charcuterie options! 105 SW 140th Ct Suite 2, Jonesville, FL 32669 / (352) 554-5615


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