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Charlotte's Young Baker and Entrepreneur

Gabbriella Marshall is the 11-year-old owner of Gabbriella’s Delicious TreatsShewas born to bake and she bakes very well – just ask her hundreds of clients across the country.

Under the GabbytheBaker brand, this talented young entrepreneur works daily to deliver the best treats born out of North Carolina and her talents have been transformed into a major phenomenon. In addition to selling her delicious treats, Gabriella plans to build her GabbytheBaker brand by selling calendars, clothing, cookware, books and other merchandise. 

Gabbriella would eventually like to open a bed and breakfast where she’ll bake and serve her guests the finest treats. Gabbriella’s first cookbook is complete and just waiting for illustrations. She has also been invited to participate in trade shows and various events. Gabbriella caters for special events and weddings too! 

Gabbriella has a strong social media presence and has appeared in several television interviews. Last year, she participated in a Zoom Kid’s Food Contest that was sponsored by Food Network. Gabbriella has put tremendous effort into her craft from the time she was a toddler, spending time baking with her mother in the kitchen. It’s not just a kid’s hobby for her. Not quite in middle school, she continues to grow and train under an established professional baker.  

GabbytheBaker merchandise has already been created but there is a need for an increase in production to keep up with the high demand for GabbytheBaker items. Her business is geared toward establishing long-term success and influence. Gabbriella has a desire to help other young entrepreneurs realize their dreams in the same way she has. 

It’s been suggested that GabbytheBaker is positioned for a promising business future. Investors who believe in helping young, serious entrepreneurs grow their businesses are invited to reach out to Gabbriella’s parents, Dequita and Orlando Marshall at  See Gabbriella on Facebook at