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Charting Your Inner Landscape with Comeback Story Counseling

A journey to reconnect, rediscover joy, and redefine success for Northern Colorado's high achievers

In the tapestry of Northern Colorado's bustling life, there's a haven for the industrious souls where Mike Ensley, the owner of Comeback Story Counseling, extends his expertise. Mike isn't just a counselor; he's a cartographer of the human condition, charting the unseen territories of the psyche for those who are more accustomed to leading than being led.

The clientele Mike attracts are the ones whose hands are usually at the helm—business owners, innovators, and dedicated family men. They arrive at his doorstep, often carrying the weight of their worlds, a weight compounded by the pressure to succeed and the puzzlement that follows when happiness doesn’t automatically flow from their triumphs. It's a familiar narrative: the quest for success leading to an estrangement from one's inner peace and joy.

Mike sees it clearly—the obligatory self-neglect that success often demands. These high achievers are adept at masking their vulnerabilities, pushing themselves with the false belief that their reserves of strength and resilience are inexhaustible. But beneath the veneer of invincibility, their humanity whispers of needs and desires that have been muted.

The office of Comeback Story Counseling, filled with the soft light of understanding, often echoes with the initial confessions of guilt. Clients who are unaccustomed to allocating time to introspection find themselves grappling with the feeling that attending therapy is an indulgent act, a luxury that their industrious minds should eschew. But the deeper truth is that they are there because a part of them recognizes that success without self-connection is hollow.

Mike's approach is unconventional yet profoundly simple: therapy is an investment in the self. It's about being present in one's life, truly enjoying the successes, and being authentic even when the week looks less like a well-orchestrated symphony and more like a chaotic cacophony. He encourages a playful engagement with life, an embrace of "recreation" in its most literal sense—to create again, to connect with the joy and creativity that once fueled their ambitions.

He advocates for intentionality in relationships—seeking out those who energize, who accept, and who ground. And in those connections, finding a reciprocal strength. For Mike, recognizing that we each have a finite amount of time and energy is not a concession but a strategic move to enhance the quality of our interactions and our life’s output.

Comeback Story Counseling is more than a therapy practice; it's a reminder that the tapestry of life, with its myriad choices, is rich with intangible joys. And when one learns to feel—to be truly present—the full spectrum of life's beauty becomes undeniable. Mike Ensley's message is clear: in the relentless pursuit of success, don’t forget the art of being human.