Children's Clothing with a Cause

La Luna Children's Boutique gives back to the community

Article by Savannah Vasquez

Photography by Shanna Magnuson with DaVista Photography

Originally published in Destin City Lifestyle

Karoline Kellogg saw a need for quality children’s clothing in Miramar Beach when she began raising her three children here a few years ago. A longtime lover of fashion and design, Karoline decided to meet that need with a children’s clothing store, La Luna Children’s Boutique which opened in 2021.  

La Luna Children’s Boutique offers fashionable, quality children’s clothing, learning toys and accessories in an environment that is mom and kid friendly. Within the store is a section for children to play and create art while parents and caregivers can shop.  

“I have always loved fashion but shopping with three little kids was always very stressful,” Karoline said. “I was inspired to fill a need in our community with a peaceful environment where children can be themselves and create something new, and for moms to shop without being pressured by their kids or anyone else to buy one thing or another.” 

When it comes to sourcing the products for her shop, Karoline said she selects styles and brands based on what she has discovered for her own children. Instead of spending valuable time shopping at large markets, Karoline said she focuses on bringing her favorite products as well as local products to the forefront. 

“The brands we carry are the brands I have been buying for my kids for six years now,” she said. “We went through so many brands with each kid, and we learned what washes well and what shrinks and what's comfortable and we wanted to share our experiences with everyone in our area.”   

At this time, La Luna carries six local brands, some European brands, and several brands made in the USA. Karoline is specifically proud to be the only store in the nation carrying her daughter’s favorite brand, Taylor Joelle which has proven to be a best seller.  

Karoline, originally from Egypt, said that the warm welcome she has received since opening La Luna has meant the world to her and her family. Karoline said that being able to raise her children Mary 6, John 5, and Youssef 3.5 in an area that is close to her family and that values their contribution to the community has really impacted her.  

“The day I opened the store a friend texted me, ‘May it be joy to the world and may you experience God through it,’” Karoline said. “I really appreciated that text because it gave me a different perspective. As a business owner life can get complicated and heavy but being in the store day in and day out helping moms and children, I have received so much of God's love through them, and I know that it brought them His joy and for that, I am beyond grateful for this community.”    

Now having just celebrated their second anniversary celebration and fundraiser, Karoline said the thing she most values about the South Walton community is their generosity. Every year, La Luna hosts four charity events, the most recent benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of the Emerald Coast and Emerald Coast Theater Company.  

“We love bringing the community together to raise money for organizations that help children grow in a healthy environment and empower them to be who they want to be,” Karoline said. “Our community is so generous. I love seeing all the families that have been shopping with us come celebrate and showcase our product. We appreciate our customers, and most of them have become close friends, so what better way to celebrate than to invite them all to one big party and share that day together and help those in need.” 

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