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Chill Out

We love the sunshine, but this month, we love the shades even more

As summer temperatures rise, it can quickly become unbearable outside and also miserable inside your home. But, you don't have to shut yourself in a cave, battling with cords for shades and bulky drapes and worrying about your power bills skyrocketing. 

We asked the professionals at Classic Blinds and Shutters in Alpharetta how to love summer and stay cool in our homes.

Summertime brings more sunlight and lots of natural beauty. But, it also brings more heat. Finding the perfect balance in your home can be tough because you want to enjoy the sun’s glowing rays and your view, but you can’t leave your home overexposed because it will get too hot. "We offer many options to maintain your view, while cutting out the sun’s harsh rays and heat. Summer’s beautiful light and landscape come in, while its blistering heat stays out," says Andrea Zare of Classic Blinds and Shutters.

"With smart shades, your home can stay cool and comfortable, while also saving you money. Consider using an app to help. With the PowerView app, you can control your motorized window coverings from anywhere, even when you’re away on vacation," she says. A simple tap on your favorite device closes out the hot sun. You can set favorite scenes allowing your shades to go down at a certain time for light blocking and maintaining a consistent temperature, and then adjusting just the right amount to allow natural light to illuminate your evening. At bedtime, they provide perfect privacy and sleep-inducing darkness. Now that's cool!

Your home should be your haven during the heat of summer and all throughout the year. With scheduled adjustments and touch-of-a-button activation, smart shades will dramatically improve your home’s ambiance and your energy bills.  

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