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Chill Out when the Sun Sets

Sip a Fruit-Filled Sangria Blanco While You Watch the Sun Go Down

Bartender Alyssa Esemplare serves a Sangria Blanco at Mas Mexicali Cantina's rooftop bar.

"I’ve worked here for four years. I fell in love with Mas years ago and love working for the Caulfields." 

Sangria Blanco is a fruit-based wine "punch" made with white wine, fresh seasonal fruit and peach and apple liqueurs.

Sangria Blanco 


1/4 ounce apple pucker 

1/4 ounce peach schnapps

Splash of simple syrup 

Splash of orange juice 

1/2 cup pinot grigio


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Serve in a chilled wine glass garnished with lemon, lime or orange slices. A colorful umbrella is optional!