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Taking care of and connecting with others has always been a priority for Dr. Amelia Rodrock. As a young mother twenty three years ago she knew as a massage therapist that expanding her skills and education would be paramount to owning and developing a business in Lawrence. Thanks to the encouragement of those in her community and her perseverance, Amelia obtained her Chiropractic degree from Cleveland University-Kansas City and has maintained a thriving practice for the last ten years. Her husband Jeremy maintains his own chiropractic practice in Baldwin City.

While Rodrock Chiropractic started with only one employee, Amelia now employs several people in her office and considers her business more of a family wellness practice. Though the office primarily focuses on chiropractic care, she has branched into infant adjustments, wellness seminars, and even hosted monthly meetings to better reach those in the community. She attributes Lawrence’s openness to alternative medicine to her ability to connect with families in this way. Even throughout a global pandemic when everyone seemed so isolated, her practice was able to maintain much of its clientele. As a self-proclaimed natural introvert, Amelia admits that going to work every day fulfills her own need for touch.

She also attributes the success of her practice to having such a positive work environment, “It’s just so pleasant when you go into a doctor's office and everything looks nice, and it smells good," she said.  "It’s not often you go into a medical office and everyone is happy and having a good time. We’re always happy to see people and are very welcoming. We create a connection with our patients. In a time when so many have felt disconnected, people really needed that physical touch.”

After years of juggling motherhood with a full work week, now that her four children, Dorryen, Lillian, Myah, and Amelia Joy are grown, Amelia is still heavily involved in running her practice but she’s able to shift her focus to interests outside of work. The first of many loves has been her small hobby farm south of Lawrence. Amelia and her husband Jeremy started their farm six years ago with only a few chickens and an adopted rooster named Brownie, but have quickly expanded their brood to include goats, turkeys, sheep, pigs, two donkeys, and a Scottish Highland steer, Mr. McFluffins. (Just in case you were worried, Amelia assures that these lovable fur babies are friends, not food.)

As if raising a menagerie of animals while managing a practice weren’t enough to keep any two people busy, Amelia is also rigorously training for her second Ironman Triathlon. She completed her first Ironman in September 2022, in Chattanooga TN and is signed up for one in Texas this April. Having a coach helps her stay on track. Training consists of swimming, biking, and running and ranges from ten to twenty hours a week. She's also planning a women’s seminar for January 28th to assist other women in their personal growth. The goal of this seminar is to create connections and help women find peace within themselves.

In the past, Amelia has started programs to help those around her invest in themselves. Some examples of the encouragement she’s given in her programs included “75 Hard”. This includes 75 days of sticking to a healthy diet, working out twice daily for 45 minutes (once outside), reading ten pages of a personal development book a day, drinking a gallon of water daily, and recording their progress with a picture.

“The goal is not to lose weight, but to realize how much time you actually have when you’re directing your energy. It’s easy to spend your time taking care of the kids, the house, and the animals. But how much time do we waste scrolling through Facebook or just sitting around? By directing your energy you realize you can make time," she said. "The goal is growth and reflection, but you will also lose weight and that can be a bonus. Creating mental toughness makes you realize you can do hard things every single day.” 

Through all of these endeavors, Amelia maintains her love of family. She recently became a grandmother for the first time and feels that it’s still important to check in with her kids.

“I try to call or text my kids every day," she said. "They have jobs, lives, and families now, but it’s so important to me that they know I’m interested, and that I love them."

Amelia might be an empty nester, but as with most of her goals and passions she’s using this as an opportunity for growth. Reconnecting with her husband has become something that’s new and exciting for them both and it’s given them a new perspective on each other and their lives together.

“When we first got together, we each had kids. They were our main focus. Now that they are grown, it’s important that we to start dating each other again. It’s fun planning date nights and spending time together. We all need these connections.”

To find more about Rodrock Chiropractic visit chirorock.com.

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