Christine Dunst Rocks a Flat Stomach, a Gorgeous Complexion + a Good Night’s Sleep

The Embody Wellness Company Co-Founder Clues Us into Some of her Personally Vetted, Results-Oriented Favorite Apps + Products


“This app includes 45-plus of the country’s best yoga and meditation teachers, so you get access to incredible resources. In addition, there are lectures and workshops by yoga scholars. Segment classes by time, style of yoga, teacher etc.” Christine’s favorite instructor is Elena Brower. $18/month, 15-day free trial.

Tracy Anderson

“Tracy’s online streaming focuses on light weights, high repetition and heart rate for great toning and weight loss. They're the same classes you would get in her studio, but it’s online.” She credits Tracy with tightening her post-baby tummy. Cost for a live class is eye-popping, so the $90/month price tag is a deal. 15-day free trial.

Vintner’s Daughter Serum

“They source 22 different botanicals and essential oils from conscious growers around the world. This organic serum brightens, is anti-aging, reduces wrinkles, illuminates,” and pretty much everything but wash the dishes and win the lottery. Organachs in Westport, OrganachsFarmToSkin, $185

Moonjuice (Sun Potion or Four Sigmatic Adaptogens)

“Adaptogens, a group of herbal ingredients, “adapt” their function to your body’s needs. They help combat stress, beat fatigue, increase energy, support your adrenal system, etc. It’s critical to use organic.” Christine gets her daily dose of super ‘shrooms in individualized packets from FourSigmatic. $38/20 packets.

doTERRA Essential Oils

“doTERRA’s ‘Balance’ is my favorite: calming, grounding. I wear it on my feet, where nerve endings assimilate the oil effectively, and on my wrists. For elevation and uplifting, use ‘Wild Orange.’” DoTerra. $26.67/15 ml

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