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Christmas Cirque

Broadway Director Brings the Spirit of Christmas to The Front Range in Cirque Style

Did you know that Denver is the only home to renowned Broadway director Neil Goldberg’s all-new, full-length Christmas production? 

"Cirque: The Spirit of Christmas," introduces the audience to Noel, a young girl overwhelmed by the frenzy of the season. Her imagination transports her to a magical place from the safety of her own bed. Together with the audience, Noel encounters the breathtaking wonder, athleticism, and artistry of cirque performers, using the bed as a central prop and support. Highlights include a world-class contortion group, Mongolian speed jugglers, trapeze artists, aerialists, and acrobatics.

This character and narrative-driven show also includes performers who are not circus artists; a majestic ballerina standing 6 foot 2 inches on pointe, a multigenerational, German vaudevillian, the child herself, singers, dancers and theatrical storytelling, accompanied by an original Broadway-style score.

Neil says, “Other outfits use cirque artists to tell a story, this is a Christmas story that uses cirque artistry.” 

In addition to the international cast of 28 performers, Neil employs an associate director, an act choreographer who specializes in cirque acts, and a professional broadway choreographer with expertise in staging. Neil personally oversaw the design of 75 spectacular costumes in meticulous detail.

How did Denver get so lucky to be the repeated home of Neil Goldberg’s Christmas productions? “I have an affection for the Rockies Gaylord resort. I have wonderful memories of the property,” Neil says. He hopes each audience member leaves with the same affection and wonderful memories for themselves.

Cirque: Spirit of Christmas runs at the Gaylord Rockies Resort from Nov. 18 through Jan. 1.