Christmas In July

adding magic to your Holiday season

Nate Feathers, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and wisdom of his grandfather, is constantly looking for consumer needs that lack a viable solution. Driven to Nashville by providing hailstorm roof repair he found himself identifying a seasonal need by many in the Nashville area, Christmas lights! 
There are many people that love the beauty and fun of Christmas lights but are afraid of heights and do not want to be on ladders. Most of the wives do not want their husbands on the roof, and most husbands dread the hassle of putting up and taking down Christmas lights. With Nate’s roofing background, this was a perfect fit.
Though his first year yielded only 3 clients the growth has been exponential.  Last year, after leveraging a friend’s social media presence, they lit up over 120 houses! “Christmas in July” is quite literal for Nate’s clients, as they need to book him 4-5 months in advance. In addition to lighting up your roofline, peaks, bushes, wreaths, and garland around the doors, Nate also sends out Christmas cookies to his clients in July to remind them to schedule early, and to let him know if they want more lights this Holiday season. 
If you’re driving around this Holiday season and see someone playing Christmas music, serving cookies and up on the rooftop, it is probably Nate.

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