Christmas Lights Installation is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Deck The Halls Christmas Lights Sets the Standard for Christmas Lights Installation in Rutherford County

How early is too early to be thinking about decorating your house for Christmas? Some people jump on board with the whole "Christmas in July" theme, and that same crowd probably has all of their decorations up long before celebrating Thanksgiving. But how early should you think about putting up Christmas lighting? Well, apparently July is too late. Koby Younce, Co-Owner of Deck The Halls, a full-service professional exterior Christmas lighting company, remembers hearing that over the phone while trying to schedule an appointment to have a company professionally install Christmas lighting. “I was like, ‘Oh, wow,’" Younce said, “There might be something to this.” And that’s how Deck The Halls Christmas Lights, which services all of Rutherford County and surrounding areas with commercial and residential installation, was born in November of 2022. “We’re surprised at how busy we were and how much a response there was,” Austin Moncivaez, Co-Owner of Deck The Halls, said. In 2022, their workforce, outside of the administration work from Younce and Moncivaez, was two labor workers. This upcoming season they’ve added two more personnel with the potential of an additional two or three more. “We’ve already well surpassed what we did last year just in our July (sale special) this year.”

So how does the process work? It’s pretty straightforward. To set up a free estimate, simply call 615-552-0362, or fill out their online form at Moncivaez will then work quickly, within 24-36 hours, to generate a quote after he has his measurements. Depending upon the homeowner's preferences, such as colors and what part of the exterior to decorate, they will then exchange ideas to make sure you’re happy and become the envy of the neighborhood. What separates Deck The Halls Christmas Lights from most of the competition is that the homeowner keeps the lights. “The cost of the materials is built into their package,” Moncivaez said. “They pay for those up front. We do supply them.” Included in the cost is the setup of a smart timer so you can power on/off lights and set up a schedule from your smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection. Post-installation consultation is also included to make sure the homeowner is comfortable using everything. Deck The Halls specializes not only in installation but take-down in January which includes a storage container. “The cool thing is every year after that first year that they continue to use our service they don’t have to pay for those materials anymore, because they already have them,” Moncivaez said. “So, their cost drops significantly. … We’re a fraction of the cost of our competitors.”


The time period to begin hanging the lights is late October to early November. Crews usually arrive between 8-10 a.m., and it takes between 2-6 hours to complete the job. With the increasing population in Middle Tennessee, specifically, Rutherford County, both Moncivaez and Younce don’t think they’re “even close to scratching the surface in capability” of how many houses will want Christmas lights installed professionally in the future. Regardless of the workload, it’s important to know that customer interaction will always be a priority at Deck The Halls. It’s another way they want to set themselves apart from everyone else. As Moncivaez explains, “It has that good, small, family-run company feel.”

The cool thing is every year after that first year that they continue to use our service they don’t have pay to for those materials anymore because they already have them,” Moncivaez said. “So, their cost drops significantly. …We’re a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

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