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Photo Credits: Erika Lane Photography

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Christopher Schafer Clothier

From fabric colors, linings, stitches, buttons, lapels, and more, these tailors can offer you the best garments you’ve ever owned.

Article by Jeremy Fredricks

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Potomac Lifestyle

Combining two distinct styles into one that looks good is a difficult task, but Christopher Schafer has succeeded. Christopher Schafer Clothier is a local tailor that specializes in custom, fine menswear. Schafer learned the English style of suits - a closer-tailed design that gives a slimmer appearance compared to the modern approach - when he was in London, England. Inspired by what he saw on Savile Row and Jermyn Street, he blended the two to create suits that have more modern stitching lines and comfort. Clients work with Christopher Schafer Clothier on the design of their suits. They begin by getting to know the customer’s exact wants and needs, then use that information to come up with fabric colors, linings, buttons, stitches, and other important details. In as little as six weeks to two months, you can get the best garment you’ve ever owned. Schafer takes around 40 measurements to ensure the suits look and f it as well as they can. Founded a dozen years ago in Baltimore, they’ve since expanded to the nation’s capital, in the Northwest, Washington, D.C. Renowned for its amazing eye for design, they proudly make all their clothes in the USA, as well as sourcing the finest woolens and cottons from the sought after regions of Patagonia, Yorkshire, New Zealand, Australia, and Italy. Their extensive knowledge in fabric complexity as well as garment construction with a keen eye for perfectly fitting clothing, has won them countless awards and national exposure. Schafer uses the Apprenticeship model to train and teach people looking to carry on this dying art, as it has been taught for hundreds of years. Casey Rowe, now Managing Partner in the business who runs their Washington, D.C. location, apprenticed with Schafer at a young age and has been a key component in the business ever since. Rowe was recently featured in the June edition of Potomac Lifestyle, where he profiled Father’s Day gift options. Currently, Schafer has a new apprentice in Baltimore, Aaron Hernandez. The apprenticeship normally takes about 4-5 years from start to finish. For those looking for a suit that blends the traditional with the modern, Christopher Schafer Clothier does it. From a deep grey to a midnight navy blue, they will find a suit that fits you.

  • Photo Credits: CityGridDc
  • Photo Credits: Erika Lane Photography