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Coffee, with Love

For these coffee shops, inclusion is the special ingredient.

In Georgia, 70 percent of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are unemployed. Meanwhile, North Fulton’s first nonprofit café, Brewable, is striving to change that — fully staffed by adults with IDD and funded entirely by your support. 

At Brewable, individuals can brew confidence with meaningful paid employment and find their place in a society that often neglects to meet them halfway. Along with real-world skills training and biweekly paychecks, employees a.k.a. “Brewistas” gain a sense of purpose and belonging in our community. For everyone involved, the greatest value comes in the form of shared smiles and casual conversations across the counter. 

Some "Brewistas" will apply their experience to find employment elsewhere, but many will remain at the café for the duration of their career. They cannot rely on in-store sales to fund daily operations and payroll, but instead on the generosity of neighbors like you. Donations of any size will directly support Brewable’s mission to employ, enrich, and enable Brewistas to achieve long-term success. 

Alpharetta Community Center,  

Shining at Rise

When Nicole DeWard launched Shine Health & Wellness in 2013 offering personal training, nutrition coaching and therapy of all kinds, she couldn’t have dreamed that her daughter would someday be working next door.

In a coffee shop.

That was opened by Nicole and other moms for their kids.

"I couldn't be more honored and thrilled to bring this amazing place to our community. The vision God put on my heart to give people with special needs a bigger place to SHINE their light in the world started when my daughter, Bekah, was about 14,” says Nicole.  “Where could an overly loving girl, with Down Syndrome, who knows no strangers, find purpose and value in the workplace that was a safe place for her? I knew I couldn't be the only parent that felt that way... and now we have RISE.”

New on the menu this month at the cafe, find smashed avocado toast with eggs and mini banana breads.

RISE is truly a place for community. The Special Friends Club meets at RISE on the third Friday of every month, for people with special needs offering a place to hang out, do karaoke, play games, make crafts and build relationships.

4651 Sandy Plains Rd #116, Roswell.