A Summer to Remember

How to Plan A Summer with Intention

June is just around the corner. Soon moms across Dripping Springs will be faced with the familiar, daunting question: What are we doing all summer? 

Some moms feel pressure to fill the days — whether it’s scrambling to secure those highly-coveted summer camp spots or planning an extended family vacation. But filling the calendar just for the sake of keeping busy isn’t always the best solution. The key to having a memorable summer is to plan one with intention. 

Take the time to slow down and think about what you want out of your summer. Consider how you want to show up for your family and truly savor the season. While this may seem impossible, don’t worry. I’ve got a set of useful tactics to help you make the most of this summer with your family. 

Seek clarity. Consider your mission. What do you want this summer to feel like? Who do you want to connect with or impact? I’m considering traveling to Luxembourg to explore our roots and tour a few colleges on the west coast for my soon-to-be high school junior. Maybe you want to connect with nature and go camping or to the rainforest. What’s most important to you and your family? Spending time to understand what you’re craving will inspire you to take the steps to make it happen. 

Communicate your vision. Share with your family what you want to do and why. The family can’t read your mind. Discussing your wishes can garner the support needed to make your vision a reality. Allow everyone to participate in the planning so they have a part in the process. 

Make it real. Fun doesn’t just show up on your doorstep. For me, it’s better to plan for fun while also making space for spontaneity. Write down your thoughts and ideas and then book the trip, schedule the activities, and notify the office. Get everything into the calendar and stick to the plan as much as you can.

Be present. Commit to being fully engaged during the trip or the activities. Encourage conversations, ask questions, and observe yourself and your people. I learn so much about my teens when we put the phones away for the day. In turn, they notice what’s around them and remember more about the experience, as do I. Simply put, be there and let everything else go on pause. This time is fleeting and if you blink, it will be gone. 

With a little intentional planning, you can make lifetime memories and foster deeper connections. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now. Come August, you’ll be glad you did. | @melaniemsommer

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