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Classic Cars - Sunbeam Alpine

Keeping them on the road for all to enjoy

Todd Smith is a classic car enthusiast. His car choice is Sunbeam Alpine. In fact, Todd has owned this Wedgewood Blue one for 43 years. It was his first car, purchased in 1979. As the story goes, he went to an auto shop to buy a 1965 Mustang convertible, but it was not what he expected. In the back corner of the shop was a cute little baby blue car; it caught his eye and he was hooked. Todd drove the Alpine home and it was his primary means of transportation for years. He restored it 20 years ago and is preparing to start a total refresh this year.  

Committed to keeping classic cars on the road, Todd has tied his love of Alpines into his profession. As Co-Owner of Capital Financial Partners and CFP Insurance, he issues policies for Hagerty Insurance. Hagerty is known as the “insurance for people who love cars.” 

If you would like more information on the Carolina British Car Show or classic car insurance, contact Todd through his website at