@GirlsWhoEat Clean Picks for 2024

Start things clean inside and out with these five things

Branch Basics Starter Kit: Cleaning products can pollute indoor air by releasing toxic chemicals, switching to non-toxic cleaners is crucial. Branch Basics is derived from 6 plant-based ingredients, fragrance-free and the Concentrate creates 5 different cleaning products for your home. 

Primally Pure: What you use on your skin (your biggest organ!) matters as much as what you eat. Primally Pure makes non-toxic skincare products with safe and natural ingredients. I love their aluminium-free deodorant! Use code GIRLSWHOEAT for 10% off

Purity Coffee: Not all coffee is created equal. Purity coffee is mold-free, organic and antioxidant-rich. They offer single-serve coffee sachets for a quick morning cup or for when you’re on the go Use code GIRLSWHOEAT for 20% off new orders

Honey Mama’s: Honey Mama’s are delicious, refined sugar-free cocoa truffle bars made from organic raw honey, cacao powder and unrefined coconut oil. They come in a variety of flavors an convenient single-serve packs.

Culina Yogurt: My go-to plant-based yogurt made from coconuts. It has simple, natural ingredients, live probiotics and the flavors are sweetened with maple syrup and fruit.  Plus, they’re female-founded and Austin based!

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