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Cleaning, For Good

From Pristine Floors to Fighting for a Cause, The Maids Have a Spotless Record

For nearly four decades, The Maids Home Services has provided a lot more than just cleaning assistance—they’ve been an important part of the Loveland community, as well.

“We’ve been doing this for 35 years, so we’re doing something right,” owner Terry Sanderson says.

His employees are dedicated to client satisfaction, providing a custom-tailored, professional service as part of a 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep-Cleaning System.

“We bring a team of cleaning specialists out,” he says. “And that allows us to deliver on quality and attention to detail.”

That highly skilled approach is especially paramount in their support of the nonprofit Cleaning for a Reason. Since 2005, this organization has partnered with home services organizations nationwide to provide no-cost home cleaning for women undergoing cancer treatment—a cause The Maids has been supporting for more than 10 years.

“These women are going through a lot, so if we can help in just a small way by cleaning the house—provide them a little bit of relief—it means a lot to us. We do as many as we can,” Terry says.

“We’re primarily an organization of females, so we always want to do something that helps women or families, especially those battling cancer.”

Terry credits his staff for this commitment to our community.

“I’m blessed with a lot of longtime employees,” noting one who’s been with them for 25 years. “We try to have a family approach—they really love helping.”

Whether Cleaning for a Reason or making house calls, a day’s work for The Maids is more than just cleaning counters and floors.

“They get really connected to these customers,” Terry says of a dedicated staff—committed to making a difference.

Want to follow their lead? To help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, donate or give the gift of cleaning at | 513.268.6309

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