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Loveland Climbing Collective

Building Community and Teaching Northern Colorado How to Master Climbing One Hold at a Time

Described as a home away from home where you can hang out with friends, exercise, and leave your problems at the door, Climbing Collective is building community and teaching Northern Colorado how to master climbing one hold at a time. 

A climbing, fitness, and yoga studio, the first Climbing Collective gym was Longmont Climbing Collective that opened in 2018. Since then they purchased the Wooden Mountain Bouldering Gym in Loveland in December 2022 which is now Loveland Climbing Collective. Their newest gym in Longmont opened in October 2023, and Greeley Climbing Collective is set to open in January 2025.

Their friendly staff and extraordinary facilities are winning over the hearts and dexterous hands of Northern Colorado climbers and those looking to learn how to climb. Combining community, fun, learning, and safety they are building a supportive community for both new and experienced climbers. 

Nick Coutu, Marketing Manager for Climbing Collective is an avid climber himself who lived in a van for two years and traveled around the country climbing and encourages everyone to give it a try. 

“Climbing incorporates community, physical exercise, and mental challenges as you try to solve rope and boulder ‘problems’ that were created by the route setters. New climbs are set every week, so there is always something new to try!”

And this summer is the perfect opportunity. They offer adult climbing classes, fitness classes, yoga classes, kids climbing clubs, summer camps, and a kids climbing team. For those interested in learning climbing but aren’t sure where to start, Coutu recommends a climbing class. Their Loveland location has an Intro to Bouldering class and their Longmont location has Belay Basics & Learn to Climb for beginners and Bouldering Beta & Learn to Lead for intermediate climbers.

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  • @lovelandclimbs Climbing Challenge Event
  • Darin Andrew
  • Darin Andrew picking his next Route
  • Darin Andrew
  • @lovelandclimbs Climbing Challenge Event
  • @lovelandclimbs Climbing Challenge Event
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