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A Vertical Playground

CityROCK: Climbing Opportunities for All Levels of Experience

“Go More Up” is a slogan that couldn’t be more perfect for Colorado Springs very own vertical playground: CityROCK. Located in the heart of downtown, CityROCK is an indoor climbing gym with a knack for rising above.

Founded by two engineers with a passion for climbing, CityROCK has evolved and grown from the ground up ever since its formation in 2004. With humble beginnings as a solo wall in a multisport gym in Monument, CityROCK is now an expansive building complete with vibrant climbing walls covered in murals, bouldering, a café called Ute, and even its own cave system for those who are brave enough to try caving.

Interesting Routes

For the skilled climber, CityROCK offers routes that are ever-changing, challenging, and interesting. For the novice, CityROCK offers an entire orientation process, and exciting routes to practice on.

“Our Route Setters are truly the unsung heroes of CityROCK,” explains part-owner Lara Grosjean. “Every 4-6 weeks, they are using their creativity and artistry to create new and interesting routes for our climbers, which really lends toward the experience and provides a diverse range of climbing opportunities for all climbers of different statures and levels.”

Anyone Can Climb

Climbing may come across as an intimidating sport to some, but Lara explains how the sport is attainable to essentially everyone.

“Our vision is to create a place where anyone can climb," she said. "Just like walking, eating, and breathing, climbing comes naturally to us as humans and we love being able to provide a space where people can experience and enjoy the mental and physical challenges of climbing."

CityROCK’s growth and climbing community is a testament to its gift for encouraging others to venture to new heights.

“Ultimately, we want to give back to this community that has given so much to us by providing a space where all are welcome to climb,” Lara explains. “Going up isn’t just about getting to the top, it’s about improving ourselves and always seeking new challenges.”

Visit CityROCK’s website to learn all about just how “up” you can go.

Facebook + Instagram: @climbCityROCK