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Clothes Update

Wardrobe Consultant 'cb Style by Design' Can Lead The Way To More Fashionable Outfit Options

Thinning and fine-tuning a closet full of clothes acquired over many years can seem like an overwhelming task, however, fashion stylist/wardrobe consultant Carol Burcke makes the one-on-one evaluation an enjoyable exercise of self-discovery and style. 

As owner of cb Style by Design, Carol says her goal is to help clients look and feel their best. 

"Clothes should show, or emphasize, on the outside the inner beauty that people have. There's an important emotional element to fashion. I know from experience when you look good, you feel good, and who doesn’t want to feel good? I also understand the importance of style and how the right outfit has the power to transform someone’s level of confidence," says Carol, who has a degree in fashion merchandising. 

She admits that when she sees women come out of public dressing rooms with defeated looks, she wants to run over and help teach them how to find outfits that are personally fabulous for them. 

Carol says industry statistics reveal that women, on average, spend $2,000 per year on clothes, shoes and accessories. "However, most women only wear 20% of all that for 80% of the time. My joy comes from saving money, time and stress for others by helping them understand why they look good in certain clothes, so when they're shopping they know exactly what to look for," she adds. 

Her services include:

  • Conducting online assessments and creating personalized style guides, based on clients' body types, skin tones, needs and budgets. Carol says she's currently helping women determine what to wear while returning to company offices, especially new thoughts about the definitions of business casual.
  • Providing closet edits during which outfits are created from clients' current wardrobes, followed by determining what pieces no longer work and making lists of items needed to create a completed wardrobe. Carol even takes pictures of created outfits on clients' phones so they can recreate them without pressure. 
  • Shopping for clients at a variety of retail, resale and vintage shops to add unique pieces into clients' wardrobe. Carol says she and clients are mindful of the environment by finding new applications for existing clothing through eco fashion ideas. 

By looking at other's wardrobes through a set of fresh eyes, she says she shares advice and attire tricks through her focused approach and step-by-step process. 

Nearly half of American women struggle with selecting clothes, according to industry research. "Over the years, I've assisted many people in choosing outfits that help them tap into their own unique style while providing them tips on how to dress and fit their body type," says Carol. 

She says many people end up with excess clothing for a variety of reasons:  They don't know what looks good on them; they buy the same items but in different colors; they purchase to fill a need for a one-time or infrequent event; they buy the wrong sizes. 

Carol also offers new, resale and vintage items through her Carol's Closet, an online shop on her website that spans an ever-changing spectrum of designer blouses, purses, dresses, blazers, belts, jeans, leather jackets and trench coats. 

"The vision is for clients to feel welcome again in their own closets. There's nothing better than seeing someone put on clothes that we've matched and light up when they look in the mirror," Carol assures.