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Kelly Osten and Christine Wurm, Photo by Laura McCaffery

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Simplifying your Space

Getting organized with Closet Connections

Christine Wurm started her own business, Closet Connections thirty years ago, and has evolved quite a bit over the years. She works alongside Kelly Osten, who is the designer for Closet Connections. Kelly's background is in supply chain management, where her focus was on finding the best solution for the problem. Their main goal is to create great spaces for people to help them simplify their lives in a lot of different ways. Organizing your space is a smart investment because you will save time and money. Christine mentioned that people can spend 20-60 minutes a day because they can't find stuff. With life being so busy, the least amount of time that we can spend looking for things, the lower our stress and anxiety will be. 

Kelly says that she "loves problem solving and is very passionate about an organized closet." When you visually can't see what you have, you end up using 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. When doing a design, they like to accommodate everything that you need on a daily basis, front and center, so it's easy to find and it's going to function really well, says Christine. Even if you have a small closet, you can still make a huge difference with an organized space. It's not the size of the closet that matters, rather how you maximize the space that you have. 

A place for everything is the ultimate goal, which Christine and Kelly agree will not only make your daily life easier, but clients also report how much happier they feel after their space has been organized. If you have a system in place, it creates an environment for the entire family to be successful. Having a mud room, with each child having there own space, can help reduce the morning chaos of getting out the door and dropping the kids off to school on time. And again after school, having a designated space for the kids to put their backpacks, shoes, coats, mittens, etc. will also contribute to reducing after school stress, as well as giving your kids some responsibility. 

One of the most cluttered and unorganized spaces for most people is their garages. Kelly says that "I think that a garage should be an extension of your home, and that the slat wall is awesome because it's going to get things off the floor and visually you can see what you have." With Michigan being so seasonal, the slat wall also provides an area to hang skis, fishing poles, gardening tools, and other seasonal items. 

For more information about getting organized and creating a space that works for you and your family, please visit the team at Closet Connections at  20427 Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Woods or on their website at ''.

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  • Kelly Osten and Christine Wurm, Photo by Laura McCaffery