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Closet Currency

Eleece Pink of The Stash shares her wisdom on why enhancing your wardrobe is a form of self-investment and how to go about it.

There are many investments in life you can seek to enhance your future; some involve a hefty sum of money and planning, and others are executed on a smaller scale with a little more flexibility and a lot less cash. When you invest in your home, you’re enhancing its resale value and your enjoyment; if you decide to back a small business, you’re realizing a dream or hoping for future returns, and of course, putting your funds towards higher education provides an opportunity, paths to professional success, and empowerment. Most of us can agree that these ventures are a smart use of resources and capital for the long term, but adding a smaller ongoing financial commitment to your portfolio is also a smart move. One where you see the impact almost instantly. One that enables you to look and feel your best, takes the guesswork out of your busy mornings, and might require a little self-reflection. We’re talking about building a versatile wardrobe of high-quality, timeless pieces that are easily mix and matchable to suit any occasion. And we’re talking to Eleece Pink, owner of The Stash of Waconia and fashion aficionado, to guide us through the process.

A closet full of great multi-functional pieces might seem like a minor investment, but when you think about it, the impact can be huge. It can minimize your carbon footprint, boost your confidence, and shorten your to-do list, giving you back precious time in your day. Sound appealing? Let’s get started! Eleece’s first tip is to find a blazer with a pop of color, not just the usual black or tan, and to find one that fits you not just okay but exceptionally. If you’re an overachiever, select one with added texture or a subtle print. Another essential investment is a denim jacket. “It is one quintessential piece everyone should have in their closet to dress up or down. They’ve come a long way from the stiff, boxy style they once were,” she shares. She adds that it’s so much easier now to find one that will flatter any figure, and most have added stretch, which makes them an easy and comfortable option. But the mother of all staples is a classic black or white tee. And Eleece’s rule of thumb, repeat after me, is “When I find the one, the perfect tee for me, I will buy two!”

The key to finding these elevated staples in their forever closet with you is to identify the ones that accentuate your finest features in the colors that are most suitable for you. “These pieces are the ones that can stay in your closet for years to come.” Is your body shape considered an hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, or diamond? Are you a winter, spring, summer, or fall when it comes to colors that complement your natural skin tone? If you need help identifying your place in these classifications, the stylish staff at The Stash are always willing to help, and numerous online resources can also show you how it’s done. When you’re out hunting down those high-quality pieces, Eleece says it’s more about fabrication than brand, and she suggests that instead of looking at an item’s label, look for the workmanship in the garment’s finishes. Is it lined? Are the seams and edges finished well? And here’s another pro tip from today’s ‘Investing in Style’ tutorial by one of the snazziest dressers in Waconia: turn the garment inside out and become a textile detective! Are the stitches even? Are there excessive loose threads? Uncovering these details will help guide your decisions on whether the piece is worth the investment.

Now, to put all your hard work to use! One fun fashion hack that The Stash team goes back to time and again is reaching for a classic piece you consider your style but that has a twist, then easily elevating it from laid-back to luxe with a few minor tweaks. Eleece will wear satin joggers with her perfect tee (remember, she has at least two!), along with a denim jacket and sneakers for a day at the store. For date night, the joggers are instantly fancified with a tucked-in collared button-up, heels, and amazing accent jewelry.

For more tips and to find an elevated investment piece or two that is right for you, stop by The Stash of Waconia. There’s never a wrong time to invest in yourself and your future. Whether you’re buying stocks for financial gain or adding those classic ballet flats to your shoe collection, upping your wardrobe game, you’re bettering yourself, and that’s just good business.