The Ultimate Closet Makeover

Turn your old, outdated closet into the room of your dreams with the help of Closet Concepts

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GETTING ORGANIZED CAN BE IMPOSSIBLE without a suitable space and the right system for your storage needs. While a cluttered, unorganized, and stuck in the past closet may be unpleasant to look at, living with one may be even more challenging. Not to mention the hassle created by having more clothing items than room to fit them. We have all been there, having to wrestle that over-stuffed rod to find the garment you're looking for, just to see it creased and wrinkled from being packed tight. 

The homeowner for this project was fed up with the lack of space in her master closet, causing her to have clothing spread out through whichever spare rooms had extra closet space. Working with Closet Concepts HTX, a company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom storage systems, the homeowner's closet transformed into the perfect space with the ideal custom system specifically tailored to her needs and taste. 

Closet Concepts HTX handled the space planning and construction of the expansion and designed, manufactured, and installed the new closet system. In addition, they selected and installed new flooring, lighting, and countertops. The master closet is now a functional and opulent oasis with plenty of storage and high-end finishes to fit in with the rest of the home.

Read on to see what changes and additions Closet Concepts HTX implemented during their fabulous closet makeover.

#1 Increase Space: This house has a ton of square footage, but the closets were relatively small for the size of the home. The homeowner was storing items in whichever closets throughout the house had extra space. By opening up the wall between the master closet and the room on the other side, an additional 250 sq ft was added, creating a closet large enough for all the homeowner's items to be housed in one location. 

#2 Custom Cabinetry – Cabinets are a great way to organize space and ensure that everything is as easy to access as possible. Since cabinetry and storage systems are what Closet Concepts HTX specializes in, they were able to create a system that made the space most functional. The doors and drawer facing were custom-matched to the existing top-of-the-line fixtures throughout the master, so there wouldn't be a conflict of styles.

#3 Enhanced Lighting - Closets can be dark, narrow spaces that can quickly become disorganized, making it hard to find anything. Incorporating lighting is one of the most important things to add. While system lighting adds a lot of function, it is also a great way to create a "wow" factor to the system as a whole. It can also highlight a display cabinet for purses, shoes, or other show-worthy pieces.

#4 Motorized hanging rods – These rods allow the homeowner to utilize that hard-to-reach space at the top of their closet as the rod will come down to a reachable level that they can easily put back up. Traditional hanging rods are generally manual, but the pull-downs used for this project are motorized, so they come down on their own with the simple press of a button.

#5 Custom Island - This particular island includes jewelry drawers, pull-out shoe storage, and a bench to sit on. The highlight of this island is the built-in hamper. Available in tilt out and slide out, they allow for a seamless look while keeping the functionality. Because the bags are removable, they can be taken to the laundry room without hassle.

#7 Full Height, 360 Degree Mirrors – One of the most stunning features of this closet is the dressing room style, full-height mirrors arranged to allow a view from all angles, similar to a dressing room at a high-end store. The mirrors are framed to match the closet system, along with the addition of crown molding and dimmable lighting.

#6 Packing room with drawer safe - An additional space was added for luggage storage and packing, as this particular family travels quite a bit. This space has a wrap-around counter for laying out clothes and nice deep shelving for storage. There is also a loose safe drawer to store travel valuables such as a passport.

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