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Northwest Bergen Lifestyle sat down with Shellie Topper, senior design consultant with California Closets in Ridgewood, to unpack a few ideas on how organizational storage systems can be life-changing.

How did you get into California Closets?

My family owned and operated the northern New Jersey territory of California Closets since 1984. My parents were one of the first entrepreneurs to purchase a franchise from a young man who developed the idea when he was renovating his dorm closet in college.

Besides the bedroom, where else can California Closets be efficient?

Our services reach far beyond clothing closets. Clients hire us to install entry closets, linen closets, bookcases, wall units and wardrobes. Basically, if you have any area that needs organizing, we can help. Many clients hire us when they move into their first apartments and then invite us back to renovate their storage spaces when they move into larger homes. Usually, once one area is finished, they want to move on to other projects, such as the garage, pantry, workspace, mudroom and bathroom.

How does the installation process work?

We provide a free in-home consultation to measure and discuss your needs and preferences. Then, we create a blueprint along with a virtual 3D rendering for your approval. Upon consent and deposit, we schedule a date for installation. All building materials are delivered in the proper measurements and ready for our certified California Closet installers. We do not use subcontractors, and our team is excellent at what they do. Usually, the job is completed in one day.

How can a California Closet improve your style?

Your closet is a big part of your life. You are in it at least two times a day. Most people are so used to it one way that they only see what is existing and cannot imagine a more functional space. The big impact comes after your space is optimized and you can see everything you own at a glance. You even begin to envision new outfit combinations because of the way your wardrobe is now organized!

What projects offer the most striking transformations?

I love designing small “traditional” closets that only have one rod and one top shelf. This is where you will see a profound difference in the amount of space gained. Our clients are wowed because now their closet is maximized to utilize every square inch.

California Closets

204 E. Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood


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