Club Loveland: A Health Center that Puts Community First

Features Amenities, Trainers + Programs to Support Fitness for the Whole Family

Club Loveland at Orchards is a brand new gym that wants everyone to experience the joys of wellness and community. Purchased by new local owners, the gym has gone through a $5 million renovation to add a state-of-the-art cycle room, a stretching room, additional group training rooms and an expansive aquatics center. With numerous live and convenient virtual classes, Club Loveland has something for individuals of all ages, even those with the busiest of schedules. 

The trainers at Club Loveland are nationally certified and/or have degrees in exercise science and kinesiology. The team of personal trainers each has their own specialties, and care deeply about the success of their members in meeting their personal goals.

General manager and Loveland native Robin Depperschmidt-Williams, had nothing but wonderful things to say about the new ownership. 

“I have never met or worked for more committed and hands on owners in my career! They are constantly investing in new ideas for the club and are there for me every step of the way.” 

The vision of Club Loveland is to give the community a health and social club that people want to be a part of. Williams explains that they are motivated to “change the mindset of I have to work out, to one of I get to work out.” This sounds like a lofty goal, until you set foot into the building. The atmosphere is welcoming and filled with energy. The Club House restaurant allows members to relax after a hard workout to enjoy a coffee or beer with friends, or dinner with the whole family. It’s easy to tell that this is a place that wants people there to relax and socialize as much as they want you to meet your fitness goals. The Club House offers a full bar and regularly holds social events.

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Supporting Young Athletes 

One of the things that make Club Loveland different from other gyms is their dedication to keeping youth active and promoting young athletes to reach incredible heights. Many parents of athletes will tell you what a luxury it is to have youth athletic training in the community and to not have to travel far to find quality support. 

Dakota Boyd is Club Loveland’s lead trainer and heads the XLN sports program. Boyd is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a focus in athletic development and total body transformation. XLN is a complete developmental program for young athletes, designed to help them excel in all the sports they participate in. XLN offers strength and conditioning as well as sport specific training.

“When our youth are involved in sports, and enjoy spending their time being challenged physically and mentally, instead of the alternative, their future has endless possibilities,” says Robin. The program is designed to help build the pillars of athleticism in young people. The pillars of athleticism are strength, power, speed and skill. These factors are considered in each training session.

Private youth swim lessons are another great feature of Club Loveland that caters to youth. One-on-one or group swim instruction with experienced coaches allows children the ability to learn year round, from beginners to those looking to perfect their strokes for competition. The youth swim program uses a progression-based curriculum designed by the Aquatics Director and head swim coach, allowing students to enjoy the water safely and confidently. 

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Programs for Children 

Outside of offering specialized youth programs specific for athletic development, Club Loveland is passionate about promoting health and wellness in all children in the community by offering a multitude of options, whether a child has an athletic background, or not. After signing up for a membership, all youth members age 12-16 undergo a “junior orientation,” which is specially designed to give detailed instruction on all pertinent equipment to ensure both direction and safety for their youth members.

"Our children are important to us, and they are important to Club Loveland. Older children can run, play and socialize while enjoying the Kids Club privileges. Reservations can also be made for children as young as six weeks at the care center nursery where your babies can nap in cozy cribs, or play with age appropriate toys on the clean, padded floors. The staff is certified in CPR and trained to respond to allergic reactions. While you get some time to care for yourself, you can rest assured that the highly trained staff is caring for your children.”

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Community Focused 

Robin is also quick to say, “that the success of Club Loveland goes to my team. From our incredible Kids Club staff, to our front desk, membership, Club House, instructors, trainers, housekeeping, aquatics staff and everyone involved. We are a family and we embrace each other and together we love our members with all our hearts. God has truly blessed us.” 

No matter what your goals are, or what age, Club Loveland is ready to show everyone that healthy living is more than just individual lifestyle; it’s about community.

Customer service is Club Loveland’s number one priority, and they are confident that they will exceed expectations of what a health club can be. Whether you lift weights, get motivated in class environments, or want to master a new yoga pose, there is so much to choose from to keep your body moving. In an effort to bring health to the community Club Loveland at Orchards is offering the first month of membership free. For more information on membership options and classes please visit clubloveland.com.

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