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Left to right-Karin Sanchez, Paul Chabot, Brenda Chabot, Jana Jansson. Missing from the picture is Lana Van Deusen.

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Coalition for McKinney Drug Free Youth

Dedicated to creating a healthy community 

Coalition for McKinney Drug Free Youth is an initiative of the national non-profit, FreeStyle Foundation, Inc. It is a collaborative effort dedicated to creating a healthy community. Partners in this effort include schools, parents and youth organizations, elected officials, law enforcement agencies, businesses, chamber of commerce, civic groups, and faith-based organizations. The goal is to reduce or prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by the youth in McKinney.

Dr. Paul Chabot and his wife Brenda Chabot founded the Coalition to prevent others from experiencing the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol that they have experienced in their lives. At a young age, Brenda Chabot lost an uncle to a heroin overdose and a grandfather to the effects of smoking. Dr. Chabot's experience was even more personal. He entered an in-patient drug rehabilitation program that he completed at age 12. He then went on to attend AA and NA meetings and has been clean for the last 34 years. Dr. Chabot wants everyone to know that even if you have already made some bad choices, you can still have a bright future. You don't have to be held down by your negative experiences. His life has been a living testimony to that belief. Dr. Chabot graduated high school as his class president, became a law enforcement officer, joined the navy, earned a doctorate degree, and served in the White House for two US Presidents. Rehab doesn't have to be a stigma. No matter your story, you can overcome it!

The Coalition for McKinney Drug Free Youth has received Federal and State grant money to develop its program. The Federal funds will be used for policy-based changes, and the state funds will be used for program-based changes. Still in the beginning stages, the Coalition is developing outstanding programs that are available to the public. These programs include but not limited to Community Network Meetings, Public Service Announcements and services such as Pledge to Lock Up Your Meds, educational seminars, Teen Presenter Youth Empowerment and Education seminars, Red Ribbon Week and more. The goal is to educate both parents and students on the effects of drug use, offer healthy alternatives, and to normalize living life without drugs or substances. 

The Coalition is actively seeking partners in the community to build awareness and provide resources. You don't need to have a particular skill set, just a willingness to help! Learn more and get involved by visiting their website:, which also has a link to valuable resources if you find yourself in an unexpected place and need help. Follow them for the latest updates on their social media platforms: Instagram - @mckinneydrugfreeyouth, Facebook:, and YouTube:

  • Left to right-Karin Sanchez, Paul Chabot, Brenda Chabot, Jana Jansson. Missing from the picture is Lana Van Deusen.
  • Dr. Paul and Brenda Chabot with their family.