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Coffee (and Cocktails) that Care 

Stir Brings its Neighborhood Feel to Downtown Colorado Springs

An Old North End favorite, Stir, just opened its second location downtown. 

The coffee and cocktail bar has taken over the corner spot where B&R Sushi Bar used to be. 

General Manager Amber Stull says she and her business partner, Joe Campana, had always talked about the possibility of opening a second location but there was never a set plan. Then, when Campana decided to shut down B&R Sushi, he called her and said, “How do you feel about putting Stir here instead?”

Why Not? 

Stull was open to it and, shortly after, met up with Campana and his wife for what she thought was a meeting to discuss the idea.

But when she showed up, they already had a plan in place.

“I told him, ‘So we're not here to discuss this. It’s happening,’” she said with a laugh.

The Transformation

And within a few months, it did happen. The spot transformed from a swanky sushi spot into a quirky coffee and cocktail bar. 

“Downtown is a different ballgame,” Stull said. “But we have an amazing staff and community.”

So, no matter the location, her goal is to bring the community spirit of the original Stir with her. 

“My mom always told me, you help people if you can,” Stull said. 

Giving Back 

That's why the restaurant is big on giving back. Something they started at the first location by hosting parties to raise money for organizations like Tessa and One Dog at a Time. They also work directly with The Place, an organization that helps homeless youth, and plan on using the second location to also raise funds and volunteers for local nonprofit organizations. 

“We’re still learning what people downtown want,” Stull said. “But we’ve had lots of people coming in and everyone has been very welcoming to ‘the new kid in town.’” 

Amber’s recommendations:  

  • Coffee: El Toro (it’s a spicy mocha!) 
  • Cocktails: Dorian Black
  • Sandwich: Chicken Salad Croissant (“but anything with the gravy is really good”) 

Facebook + Instagram: @stircoffeeandcocktails