Coffee and Cozy for Fall

Rooms and brews with the ladies from Casita & Co. Interior Design

It may still be warm in the Valley, but October’s arrival heralds fall and cooler weather. To celebrate the change in seasons, we take a look at one of our recently completed projects and share how we brought the feeling of fall into the space through intentional materiality.

To begin the transition to a cozy fall interior, we cranked up the air conditioning and imagined ourselves in the crisp autumn air. It was nice to return to a client space and bring a special touch to their home for the new season. We were able to layer onto what already existed in the decor and add to the design.

Tone-on-tone leather furnishings set the foundation in the living area. Neutral colors for larger items, such as sofas, rugs and tables, allow you to change out accessories, keeping things fresh while maintaining your core furniture pieces. When selecting furniture, keep in mind the function of the home year-round.

For accents, we brought in a range of textural patterns and fabrics with keen attention to keeping the space ultra-cozy. We curated pillows, throw blankets and, of course, our favorite accessories: coffee and flowers.

For the final details, we partnered with Casita Coffee, a tiny java shop on wheels that offers a wide range of mouthwatering coffee and non-coffee beverages. It is owned by Gilbert couple Ana Herrera-Perez and Saul Perez.

The Perezes always dreamed of starting a coffee business. During the pandemic, while working full-time and parenting their two young sons, Adriel and Mateo, they turned their dreams into reality and opened a coffee house food truck. Casita Coffee offers a versatile menu of trendy and diverse coffee recipes and beverages that are inspired by modern Latino culture. For fall, try the Iced Pumpkin Pie Latte, Hot Apple Pie Latte, Cold Brew with Pumpkin Cold Foam, or the Iced Pumpkin Horchata Latte. Many of their drinks even promote health benefits — while still tasting delicious. The Watermelon Paleta Lotus drink with a tamarind chamoy rim is great for energy. The Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Latte can lower stress. And the Chagaccino, a mushroom mocha, is filled with antioxidants.

“Every pour is an opportunity to share our creativity, by experimenting with our drink styles to ensure unique experiences for our customers,” the Perezes say. “Every drink is crafted with love, and our goal is to always make you feel at home while sipping on an incredible cup of coffee.”

For information about Fringe Floral, which created all of the stunning arrangements in the room, stay tuned for their story in a future issue.

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