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Coffee Convo

Meet Caleb MacPherson, owner and ring leader at Narrative Coffee and CHEERS to Earth Day on April 22!

Article by Sue G. Collins

Photography by Megan MacPherson & SugarShack

Originally published in Naples City Lifestyle

SGC: Help us feel even better about drinking your delish coffee.

CM: The great majority of our coffees are USDA certified organic and fair trade.  The coffees that are not certified by USDA are most often certified by third parties. On average we pay 300%-900% more for our green bean than the current commodity market pricing. It's worth it!

SGC: What sort of climate produces your favorite bean and why is that slice of the earth so special?

CM: Excellent coffees typically grow in high elevation between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.  Coffee can taste so diverse between micro-regions of the same country.  Most of this flavor is derived from a combination of the terroir, seed varietal, climate, elevation, processing method, roast profile, and plenty of other factors.  It’s really difficult to pin down a coffee from just one region.  However, my current favorite is our Anerobic processed Colombian from Ciudad Bolivar.

SGC: Your drink menu is extensive and inviting. What should we be drinking this month in Naples?

CM: Many choices! As we get into the hotter months an iced pour-over is a fun way to enjoy some funky coffees cold.  If you’re craving a classic an iced latte is the way to go. We roast our own coffee, and we love to cultivate community and culture through specialty coffee. We have teas, beer, wine, local pastries, lunch items, our retail bags, and merchandise all for sale at the shop. 

Mercato Shops, 9106 Strada Pl, Naples