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Changing The World One Customer At A Time Through Inclusion

Article by Niki Carbajal

Photography by Coffee.N.Crumbs

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Coffee.N.Crumbs began in 2018 as a result of Dana Leach noticing her older kids’ friends didn’t quite know how to interact with her youngest son, James Ryan, who has Down Syndrome. Her idea of modeling inclusion for her children and their friends developed into a mobile beverage trailer employing high school and college students of all learning styles.

According to their website, the official non-profit organization, Inkorporated, was created to model, promote, and provide inclusive opportunities for purposeful employment, meaningful relationships, creative expression, and community living for all abilities. The goal is two-fold. First, to employ students who are future hiring managers, employers, voters, and policymakers who can reflect on their experiences working beside people with intellectual and physical disabilities and then use those experiences to normalize their inclusion in the workforce. Second, to provide a space for those with disabilities to learn to be an employee, be a member of a work team, experience community, and be a part of an environment that celebrates the unique abilities of each person.

Making the Rounds

The Coffee.N.Crumbs teal vintage trailer makes the rounds in northern Collin County logging stops at farmer’s markets and events in Melissa, McKinney, Prosper, and Celina, even making an appearance at the Garden Club of Celina 2023 Home Garden Tour. They serve teas, lemonades, sodas, Italian ice, ice cream, and most importantly, coffee. Their coffee is a specialty grade coffee from Honduras picked this year, roasted and shipped two days later making the freshest cup around. And don’t miss special concoctions like iced Peach Cobbler Chai or frozen Dessert Pear Lemonade. Leach mentions “we like our customers to be surprised about how good our drinks are and how good the service is”.

The large staff is on hand to personally mix, create, and serve the menu items and everyone has a role. James Ryan Leach has the task of training the team on the process of steaming milk. They all have a hand in providing the service customers have come to expect at Coffee.N.Crumbs. Mrs. Leach says, “The more time we spend together, the more we understand each other”. This idea crosses the counter to customers, too. Customers love to hear the story of inclusion and enjoy playing a part in the learning process.

Coffee.N.Crumbs is an award-winning organization receiving the People’s Choice Award and Community Service Award, both in McKinney. The beverage trailer can be booked for neighborhood events, for PTOs and PTAs, Teacher Appreciation Week, and almost any time that calls for delicious drinks and friendly service.  

Make an Impact

Dana encourages people to find someone who is different than them and engage. Learn to say “hi” and don’t be afraid to be around people with a disability. Regardless of ability, people want to be with their peers so be brave and engage. James Ryan has had the privilege of engaging with the Bobcat football team at Celina High School where he is a junior. He is known as “Puck” by friends and teammates and since his start in CISD, automatically found inclusion. His involvement with the football team has made an impact on him and the team.

Coffee.N.Crumb is also looking for volunteers who enjoy planning events. The goal is to be a self-sustaining business to support their large paid staff and that calls for more farmer’s markets, more special events, and more opportunities to sell their specialties. Reach out to Dana Leach at if you can share your event planning expertise and help grow their business.

Follow their Facebook page for notification of location at coffee.n.crumbs.