Collective Commitment

Impact Wealth takes personal finance and community support to the next level.

3 is better than 1, when it comes to your financial health. Jim Teegarden, Anthony Harrigan, and David Prichard are your go-to team at Impact Wealth in Boulder, CO. Their independent wealth management firm was built to grow wealth and income, lower risk, and reduce or eliminate taxation for their successful clientele. Independence brings unique access and expertise across multiple disciplines, including financial planning, investments, and insurance. Based in Boulder for over 20 years, the folks that make up the dream team at Impact Wealth come from diversely impressive backgrounds, but all have one goal in common. “We are all driven by the fact that we know the locals and we’re part of the community.” Teegarden states. From the slopes of Vail to member meetings for the Boulder Investment Group, Jim, David and Anthony are deeply involved in the Front Range community through the causes they support and the personal connections they create. There is a synergy that goes beyond the workplace, of common hopes and dreams, and socially driven support that they can share in an ​Impactful way. We believe in the Mantra “Doing Well by Doing Good,” says Anthony Harrigan, the Chief Impact Officer at Impact Wealth. “We strive to make an impact of our own in our community as individuals and as a business, not only directly but also through the families we serve.” Harrigan has 30 plus years of knowledge and experience previously working at national investment firms and brought his young family and talents to the Boulder community in 1998. Harrigan’s three children have all attended colleges in Colorado and when he’s not at the office, you may find him dining with his bride and friends at their favorite restaurants, when open, or hiking around the foothills to walk off the calories and enjoy the scenery. “We work with a lot of business owners, and as entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that financial management is not an easy task. We have put in the time and energy to build our approach that relates directly to our clients,” says Jim Teegarden, CEO of Impact Wealth. Family ties originally brought Teegarden to Boulder in the mid-90’s and he now has 4 children of his own here. With a love for the outdoors, golf, biking, hiking, and snowboarding, he is deeply rooted in the community where he also has spent years coaching youth football and lacrosse throughout Boulder County. David Prichard, President | Insurance Group at Impact Wealth, joined the team in Boulder in 2007, which has given him plenty of time to sink his roots into the community. With a wide range of talents, he’s an expert in entrepreneurship and has diverse experience working in a larger capacity with businesses. Prichard enjoys sharing his experience with the community where he is a Managing Director of an angel investing network called Denver Angels and serves on the board of The Women’s Bean Project. With 4 teenage boys, Prichard shares openly that he is a tequila sipping connoisseur and is a big fan of Oak and Corrida in Boulder. Like the rest of the team, you can also catch him skiing in the snowy mountains. 

“The conversations and relationships with clients bring meaning. I have, by grace, found myself in a role that can make a profound impact on people's lives, empowering them with knowing that they will be able to take care of themselves as well as their family for life.” 
-Anthony Harrigan, Chief Impact Officer

Join Impact Wealth in Making an Impact locally:

Some of Impact Wealth’s Community Involvement:  

+ There With Care 

+ Women's Bean Project

+ Bridgehouse Boulder

+ Forward Steps

+ Porter Billups Leadership Academy

Very few of us love taxes!


1.  Max out your retirement plan contributions for 2020 before your tax filing deadline.

2. In low income tax years, consider making a contribution to a Roth IRA or convert all or part of your IRA to a Roth IRA.  

3. Don’t procrastinate. File and pay on time or file an extension but still pay by April 15 to avoid penalties. An extension is an extension to file, not an extension to pay! 

4.  Stay organized all year rather than trying to gather everything at the last minute. 

5.  Offset capital gains and losses all year long, not just at year end. 

6.  Fund a 529 college savings plan for your child or grandchild. You get the state tax deduction. 

7. Roll capital gains from sales of stock, business and/or real estate into a Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) to defer, reduce and eliminate taxes. 

8.  Use a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) with a 1031 Exchange to defer taxes on sales of investment property. 

9.  Don’t rely solely on advice from friends and family unless they are tax professionals. 

10. Hire a professional for more complex returns. 

Contact Impact Wealth or your tax advisor for guidance.

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