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Color me Confident

Discover Your Best Self Through Color Analysis

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when shopping for clothes or trying to pick the right shade of lipstick or foundation? Have you ever put something on and just felt like it was “off”? The solution is color analysis! 

Personal color analysis is the process of analyzing your natural coloring (hair, eye color, skin pigment) and undertones to discover your most harmonious colors. Using the science-based TCI 12-Tone Method, a color analyst can accurately determine the best version of every color that complements your natural beauty and enhances your features.

Color is powerful and affects the way we perceive ourselves and our surroundings. Discovering your best version of every color will simplify your life in many areas such as shopping, makeup, home decor, and personal branding. Color analysis will help you embrace your unique, God-given beauty and feel confident with the tools you need to be your most authentic self.

As a Certified Personal Color Analyst with True Colour International and the owner of Color Me Confident located in Dripping Springs, I have completed extensive training in the state-of-the-art 12-Tone Method. 

It is my goal to empower people in all walks of life and help them feel more confident. I am passionate about health, beauty, and embracing the way God made each of us perfectly. I would love to work with you and show you what color analysis is all about.

Simplify getting ready, shop with confidence, and feel your best with color—let your confidence bloom! |