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Colorado Gives Day in Mesa County

Uniting Communities through Compassion

Colorado Gives Day, a statewide celebration of philanthropy and giving, has touched the hearts of communities across the state of Colorado. In Mesa County, this annual event takes on special significance as it brings together residents to support local nonprofits, foster a sense of community, and make a lasting impact on the region.  Colorado Gives Day was created by the Colorado Gives Foundation.  Their mission is to make good happen by connecting people, ideas and nonprofits. Since their inception in 2010, Colorado Gives Day has raised over $415 million making it the biggest 24-hour giving movement in the state. Colorado Gives Day, observed on the first Tuesday of December each year, has become a cherished tradition, marked by collaboration, compassion, and generosity.  Organizations that cater to a wide range of causes, from hunger (The Community Food Bank) to homelessness (The House) to mental health (Counseling & Education Center) and animal welfare (Royce-Hurst Humane Society), are at the heart of this event.  Another nonprofit that not only participates in Colorado Gives Day but also encourages the community to give and support our local nonprofit organizations is United Way of Mesa County.  Zebulon Miracle, Executive Director of UWMC states, “Colorado Gives Day is an excellent opportunity to give back to the organizations that work tirelessly throughout the year to provide services across the state.  Giving is easy, is extra impactful with matches and combining generosity from many, and is an opportunity to research and find out more about the 3,400 nonprofits that participate.  As a nonprofit director, I have seen the financial impact that Colorado Gives Day has on keeping our organization thriving.  As a donor, I feel more connected to the community around me and know my dollars are helping causes that speak to me.”

The people of Mesa County take great pride in their ability to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors. Community involvement takes many forms during this event. From families teaching their children about the importance of giving to local businesses offering matching donations, Mesa County residents find creative ways to give back.

One of the cornerstones of Colorado Gives Day is the user-friendly online platform, This website allows donors to explore and support their favorite nonprofits with ease and security. The incentive fund, a feature of Colorado Gives Day, has a significant role in Mesa County as well. This fund is made possible by generous donations from community partners and sponsors. It amplifies the impact of every dollar donated, encouraging nonprofits to raise as much as they can on this special day. The more a nonprofit raises on Colorado Gives Day, the larger their share of the incentive fund, which effectively multiplies the impact of every donation. This creates a sense of friendly competition among nonprofits and motivates them to engage their supporters.
Colorado Gives Day in Mesa County is a day when the residents come together to make a positive impact on their community and the lives of those who call it home.

"Giving is easy, is extra impactful with matches and combining generosity from many, and is an opportunity to research and find out more about the 3,400 nonprofits that participate."