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Colorado-Grown Grapes

The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey: Evolving One Sip at a Time

It all started with an exorcism. Well, sort of…

Coined as the “Notre Dame of the West,” the gorgeous Cañon City Monastery completed in 1926 was originally home to Benedictine monks. In 2000, a monk from that monastery was called up to the western slopes of Colorado to, shall we say, “clean things up a bit” at a winery being built in Palisade where some suspicious activity was taking place.

Something Good

He did clean things up, and in the process of removing something bad, he also discovered something good. Something so good in fact, that he decided to bring it back to his Cañon City monastery to share with his fellow monks. That something? Delectable wine from Colorado-grown grapes.

Twenty years later, The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey is one of the most established and prominent wineries in the southern Colorado region, and arguably one of the most beautiful. With countless awards and vast wine selection, once you’ve had a sip it will come as no surprise that Holy Cross even dons the acclaimed title of “Winery of the Year” by the Colorado Association of Viticulture and Enology.

A Colorado Gem

With a combined knack for business, love for wine, and affinity for involvement in the community, owner Larry Oddo and his stellar team have evolved Holy Cross Winery into a Colorado gem. Holy Cross is a prominent beacon to the far reaches of the Colorado wine community. Hosting a grand tasting every year, where people come far and wide to sip and experience the bright, bold flavors of Colorado grapes. Holy Cross also offers daily elevated tastings at its beautiful outdoor venue.

All of Them

Oddo laughs when asked which wine is his favorite. “All of them,” he says. “That’s like asking someone to pick a favorite child. There is a time and place for every wine and that’s a part of the reason our selection is so special: There is something for everyone. Yet regardless of preference, there is one thing we can promise and Holy Cross, and that’s that our heart and soul goes into every single wine.”

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