Colsie Searcy

West + Main Realtor Takes a Different Approach

Realtor Colsie Searcy does things differently.

After working for several big names in several states, an independently owned and operated boutique real estate brokerage caught her eye: West + Main Homes.

“I fell in love with the way they were doing marketing,” Searcy said.

What Makes It Different?

One word: Hyperlocal.

“The big name boxes are kind of everywhere, so their marketing and their way of doing real estate is more… by the book,” she said. “With the boutique, the marketing is different. The vibe is different. The feel is different. It’s a little bit more individualized.”

Having been in the business about a decade, she had been searching for the right long-term agency for herself. As soon as she heard West + Main was looking to expand into Colorado Springs, she seized the opportunity to become one of the company's first Colorado Springs-based agents.

“The boutique brokerage was definitely more my wheelhouse,” she said. “It’s really incredible.”

We aren't trying to be the biggest brokerage in town - but we do make it our mission to treat every client with the same level of care, the company’s website says.

Colorado Springs Market

It’s hot, hot, hot.

“We’re such a desired place to live that we can’t even keep up with the amount of people moving in,” Searcy said. “That’s why the market is so crazy right now. We don’t have enough inventory to support the number of people we have coming. It’s pretty intense.”

In other words, demand is far outpacing inventory. It’s a seller’s market – particularly for homes worth $400,000 or less. Great for sellers, but what about buyers? The average home price has been steadily climbing for months. In March, the average sales price was $469,849 and 10 days on market. Many homes are being sold within a day with multiple offers, for over asking price.

“If they’re ready to buy, they have to be pretty aggressive,” she said. “Once they see something they like, they have to be ready, to have their ducks in a row to put in an offer immediately and to come in competitively.”

With prices sky high, she understands clients’ worries about a housing bubble. But she’s not concerned due in part to the huge military presence here. There will always be turnover in this market and she doesn’t expect a slow down here for “quite some time.”

Social Media

Sellers used to favor real estate agents who mailed out glossy flyers. These days? It’s all about social media. And that is where Searcy shines.

Two years in a row, Property Sparks has named her one of the top 15 agents in Colorado Springs on social media. And it’s not a small pool – Colorado Springs is home to about 5,000 real estate agents, she said. She also was ranked among the top 50 in the state in that category.

“I make sure everything I am putting out is getting seen by lots of eyes,” she said. “Social media is completely where it is. Everybody jumps to social media to look for everything.  It’s really a way for people to do all the ground work before they even choose who they’re going to work with.”

But marketing will only get you so far. Real estate is also about relationships. And having grown up here, Searcy has a wide, deep network.

“I really have my finger on the pulse of the city,” she said. “I’m really engaged in this city and what’s going on in this city.”

In other words, she said, she knows how to win – even in wild times like these.

How She Got Here

Searcy was born and raised in Colorado Springs and always knew she’d end up back here. She just married a military man and took the long route home.

Searcy and her husband spent 14 years traversing Mississippi, Okinawa, New Mexico, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City before returning to Colorado Springs to settle down and raise their family. Her husband now works as an air traffic controller at the Colorado Springs Airport.

They have two kids and two dogs and are renovating their 1952 Broadmoor-area rancher. She runs two book clubs, loves live music, hiking, concerts and Colorado’s breweries.

“It’s really nice being home,” she said.

Facebook + Instagram: @colorfulcoloradoliving

“I’m a good negotiator. I’m really good at what I do,” Searcy said. “Having a strong competitor on your side is really going to take you to the next level.”

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