Coming Clean

3 Ways to Live With Fewer Toxins in Your Home

Coming home to a clean, fresh-smelling house is a wonderful feeling, and keeping our living spaces clean and disinfected is a crucial step to protecting our health—especially in the height of cold and flu season. 

However, when it comes to cleaning, not all products are created equal. Some cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can cause health problems, including headaches, allergic reactions or respiratory complications.

Other ingredients in many common cleaners may be flammable, corrosive or damage fabrics or other surfaces. Even products labeled as “natural” or “green” may actually sneak toxic ingredients directly into your home. 

“Many common household products are filled with toxic ingredients that are harmful to our health and our environment,” explains Kacie Scherler, owner of Norman’s Re:Supply, a locally owned shop that provides household goods that are safe for the environment.

“Unfortunately, it has become the responsibility of the consumer to read the fine print, and many of us just don’t have time to do so! Part of why I started Re:Supply was to provide people with a space where all of the products in the store are safe for your home and family.” 

It was Kacie’s own struggle with an autoimmune disease that began her journey to reduce toxins in her environment.

“As I learned more about the toxic load sitting in most of our homes, I began researching the best products out there,” she says. “I want Re:Supply to provide our community with a place to purchase truly non-toxic products that work.”

When it comes to reducing toxins in your home environment, even small changes can have a big impact. While it can be daunting to switch to non-toxic products, the overall effect on your home makes the effort worthwhile.

Here, Kacie shares her top three favorite ways to reduce toxins in your home—changes that are easy to implement and won’t break your budget!

  1. Leave That Laundry Detergent—Many of the most popular brand-name laundry detergents contain sulfates, carcinogens and even formaldehyde, which can have a potentially harmful effect on your skin, body and organs. “Given that we wear our clothes every day, we encourage people to start by switching to a nontoxic laundry detergent to minimize chemical exposure,” Kacie adds. “You’d be surprised how effective more natural detergents are, too. You don’t have to sacrifice quality when it comes to living more naturally.”
  2. Switch Up Your Shampoo—Many of those same pesky toxins lurking in the laundry detergent are also found in our shampoos and conditioners. Common chemicals in many brands of shampoo and conditioner are linked to endocrine and hormonal disruption, and sulfates act as skin irritants. “Look for products that are free of parabens and sulfate,” Kacie advises. “A more natural shampoo may be less sudsy, but they’re much healthier for your hair and body in the long run.”
  3. Look for Local—As our food system has become increasingly globalized, pesticide and herbicide usage has increased in modern agriculture. These pesticides linger on our food, and studies are revealing a myriad of health issues arising from chemicals. Pesticides in our food can potentially harm the nervous system, the reproductive system and the endocrine system, and have been linked to cancer and immune system problems.  “If you are trying to switch to organic meats, produce and dairy, it doesn’t have to break the bank,” Kacie assures. “Try starting with fruits and vegetables that don’t have an ‘outer shell,’ such as berries and leafy greens. These tend to contain higher amounts of residual toxins. Intentional changes in what you buy can have a big impact on your overall health.” 

 Re:Supply opened in Norman in April 2022, and Kacie dedicates her professional life to researching products that are safe for your home and our planet. Many of Re-Supply’s products are made in-house, or by other small businesses who share the same values of promoting healthy people and a healthy planet.  In addition, many of Re-Suppy’s products are concentrated, so it takes less product (and often less expense) to clean your home. 

“Many companies brand their products as ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘nontoxic,’ but really, they are just masking toxic ingredients under more palatable names,” she explains. “I wanted to create an opportunity to share about so many of the amazing brands I’ve discovered.”

Re:Supply also promotes environmentally conscious-living, by encouraging customers to provide their own reusable bottles to purchase bulk products such as shampoo or laundry detergent. To date, ReSupply has saved over 6,000 plastic bottles from entering into the waste stream. 

“Even with recycling, much of our community’s plastic is still ending up in the landfill," she said. "While it’s slightly less convenient to haul your own bottles to Re:Supply, I think it’s a fun way to engage our community. I love seeing all of the creative ways people reuse what they have at home, such as bringing in a spaghetti sauce jar to fill with shampoo!” 

When you are ready to make the transition to reducing toxins in your home, Kacie emphasizes that simple steps are often the start of big changes towards a more healthy home—and that living with less toxins doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. 

“You can bring in a spray bottle and purchase 1 oz. of our all purpose cleaner for less than $1. After you add water, you end up with a full bottle of non-toxic, highly effective all-purpose cleaner, all for less than a buck,” she concludes.

“Just take the first step and be proactive to protect your own health and help create a healthier planet!”

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