Commanding Presence

How women of the Gilbert PD are making their mark

Pull quote: “The women of the department tend to rely on stronger communication skills to resolve problems for people, with people” -- Commander Kimberly Girardin

Commander Kimberly Girardin

Women of the Gilbert Police department are leading through different lenses. Whether it is on patrol, in the lab, or on dispatch, the women of the department tend to rely on stronger communication skills to resolve problems for people, with people.

Lieutenant Maria Gunter  

"To females considering a career in law enforcement, I say go for it!! You can do it all. You can be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a role model, and a great police officer.

Although there are some physical and educational requirements, much of what it takes to be a good police officer is being a great communicator. A police officer’s best tool is their ability to communicate and to deescalate people in crisis.”

Tammy Lachcik, Crime Scene Specialist

“Women are strong and resilient. Never stop advancing even if it seems impossible, use this as motivation. If you have a certain position in mind, research it from different agencies then manifest your dreams.”

Sergeant Sharon Castronova, Public Affairs

"My advice to females in law enforcement is to expect and accept failure, then seek feedback.  I believe resilience is developed from failure. Trust yourself enough to be resilient and handle the challenges presented to you. We all entered this profession with different life experiences. Don’t be afraid to share yours, it will ultimately make you a more well-rounded officer." 

Kim Weber, Police Communications Manager

“As a Police Dispatcher, I am proud to have been the voice on the other side of the telephone reassuring our citizens and getting them the help, they need. I am equally as honored to have the responsibility of making sure our officers get home safely at the end of the day. If you have a selfless desire to serve others, then law enforcement is your calling.”

Detective Carrie Soderman, Hiring

"Reach out to females in law enforcement in the community you wish to serve. We all have unique perspectives and experiences. This career is all about balance, balancing the demands of this career with your individuality to best serve and protect your community”

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