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How Recreations Outlet is Bringing Wellness into Play—for Both Families and Neighborhoods

“Ohio’s playground headquarters,” Recreations Outlet has been happily serving the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 25 years. They’ve provided many of the playsets, trampolines and wooden swing sets families already depend on and offer two showrooms (in Milford and Columbus) for on-site play.

The swing sets, trampolines and other play accessories are an important part of Recreations Outlet’s “Unplugged Play” movement, and their community-minded approach is reflected in the myriad ways they’ve given back to area organizations.

“We created the ‘Unplugged Play’ campaign as an answer to the question, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ once children are directed outside,” Marketing Director Kate Walker shares.

If youngsters come up short with their own outdoor plans, she suggests, “Give them a trampoline. Give them a playset.”

The benefits of this type of activity are obvious—it provides relief from stress and anxiety, increases strength and coordination, and combats obesity and other health concerns.

Recreations Outlet has delivered that signature brand of fun for more than two decades, in backyards and more prominent community spaces.

In fact, if you’ve taken the family to a Reds game this summer, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some of what Recreations Outlet can do. One of many upgrades this year to Great American Ball Park was a large play area for kids of all ages within the Fan Zone, and they tapped Recreations Outlet to get the job done with a custom unit that’s generated a lot of excitement for ballpark visitors.

All in a day’s work for an organization that’s always seen community engagement as a core value.

Recreations Outlet’s charitable streak began years ago when owner Pete DeLois found himself invested in helping local schools and giving back while his own children were growing up.

“Now, he’s continued on that path,” Kate says.

In addition to assisting larger groups like Make-A-Wish and St. Jude, Pete takes a special interest in supporting charities that aren’t quite as well-known.

“On a monthly basis,” Kate says, “Pete really likes staying closer to home and helping out some of the local charities that don’t receive federal assistance.”

She points out recent contributions and local support for Joshua’s Closet and the Dragonfly Foundation.

In fact, more than $75,000 has been donated to local charities as a result of Recreations Outlet’s “Charitable Play” events. Making a difference in all the ways that count—especially for kids in need.


Many families aren’t sure where to start when it comes to outdoor playsets, and that’s where Recreations Outlet brings their experience to the table.

“Generally people start out with a playset,” Kate points out. “It’s multipurpose and provides everything a little one might want.

“After toddler swings, at some point, the kids want something different. That’s when they usually move to a trampoline,” noting that the appeal of a backyard trampoline is one that endures. “Around sixth grade, you see kids getting really into basketball, so we provide the hoops.”

Beyond that, even hot tubs are an option for hydrotherapy and relaxation.


Play surfaces are a great start, with toddler swings and more complex playsets making sense as little bodies increase coordination and strength. You’ll want to visit a Recreations Outlet location for hands-on playtime there to see what your little one is drawn toward.

Middle School

Game room equipment provides year-round competitive play, with classic games like foosball, air hockey and shuffleboard answering the call of the adventurous. Adjustable basketball hoops are also going to be a slam dunk!


The adjustable basketball hoop’s gotten higher to provide more activity below, and game room equipment like table tennis and foosball provide fast-paced action. Hot tubs also enter the picture and are sure to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Whether visiting Recreations Outlet for a trial run in a hands-on showroom or consulting with the team to upgrade your family’s game room or backyard experience, Recreations Outlet has it all.

“Some of our best business is from repeat customers,” Kate says. “So we’re doing something right!”

Recreations Outlet

885 OH-28, Milford


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