Community Support and Action

Resources to support RACIAL UNITY

Here are a few opportunities for readers to learn more:  

  • DC Psychological Association Webinar on June 19:  Can you see me? 

  • Honoring Black mental health during a double pandemic 

  • How Latin people can fight racism in our communities

  • Dr West: Coping with Compassion and Fatigue

  • SAMHSA: Coping tips for Traumatic Events and Disasters

  • Vice: Self care tips for Black people during this painful time


Local organizations supporting Black Community Members:

  • Chic Denver

  • Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce

  • Colorado Freedom Fund

  • Curls on the Block

  • Denver Justice Project

  • Dream Culture

  • Faith Bridge

Quote sourced from Social Media:

"Anti-racism involves more than just acknowledging your privilege. It means using it to help dismantle the very systems and beliefs that gave it to you in the first place". 

-Author Unknown 

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