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Community Wellness

Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit

Decatur Healing Arts exists for the community; it's been operating as a healing center for twenty years. Management has changed since its inception and Nataly Baiz, the current owner, is committed to honoring the center's patrons in all aspects of their healing journey. She's working to ensure that from the first phone call, people feel welcome, heard and safe. She firmly believes that human interaction is critical in the healing process. From the seasoned practitioners (some have been at DHA for over ten years) to the new offerings Nataly has included for the community, she wants all its visitors to feel confident that they will be regarded with the utmost care.

Among the newer options she's brought to the community are the salt room, lunar gong baths, cacao ceremonies and visits from Tibetan monk Tenzin Lama. She met Tenzin during her travels and trainings abroad. He's given seminars on meditation, reiki, mindfulness and even hosted a three-day Samatha-Vipsanna silent meditation retreat (Vipsanna, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation).  

Individuals come with the hope of finding a modality that provides comfort and release from their ailments. Some seek acupuncture for hormone imbalance, pain management, gastrointestinal issues, skin conditions, headaches and migraines, emotional traumas, stress, anxiety, and depression. Massage can also be used to treat and manage pain while energy healing such as reiki, reflexology, and shamanic energy healing can be used to help ease pain and nausea, help sleep, and decrease anxiety. These tap into people's spirit and inner knowing, which then provides a balance that results in deep relaxation. This sense of calm then stimulates the body's natural repair systems. 

These centuries-old traditions exist to complement the comforts that modern medicine also offers. Decatur Healing Arts is a space that is inviting and worth exploring as you address your wellness needs. 

"The center is a safe space; time here is a time to feel better. We invite people to trust the experience, to trust our well-trained practitioners, and to trust that they can experience healing here."